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Pokimane explains why she “doesn’t belong” in LA with other influencers

Published: 24/Feb/2020 0:11

by Brent Koepp


While on a trip to Canada, Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys opened up about her feelings about living in Los Angeles. The personality explained why she feels she “doesn’t belong” in the California city.

Pokimane is the top female streamer on Twitch, and an entertainment juggernaut with millions of subscribers across her Instagram, and YouTube accounts.

However during her February 23 upload, the Moroccan-Canadian got real with her audience and explained the downsides of living in LA with other influencers.

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Pokimane opens up about “not belonging” in LA

The streamer uploaded the clip to her second YouTube channel ‘Pokimane Too’ which she uses to post more personal content. “I filmed something while I was in Canada, where I talked about how I feel living on the West Coast. Living in a very influencer intensive area,” she began.


She then said that she didn’t think Los Angeles would ever feel like home. “So much of the time when I’m home, I’m reminded of things I don’t like about LA. But there is just certain things that make East Coast feel like home, and I feel like I’ll never be able to get that in LA,” the streamer continued.

The Twitch star explained that she felt out of place in the California city. “I just don’t know if the environment is really right for me. I would feel better or feel like I fit in more in a city back in Canada. Or maybe elsewhere in the United States.”


Instagram: @pokimanelol
Pokimane is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

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The OfflineTV personality then explained why she doesn’t like LA culture, citing people treating her different based on her subscriber count. “People just care about what you do, and what value you bring them. Not so much, who you are. Where you’re from. What’s going on in your life.”

Pokimane also stated that friends in the US city were out of convenience. “The majority of them I feel like they are friends of convenience. Which really sucks to say. They’re people that if I stopped doing what I’m doing, they’re not going to check up on me. They’re not going to want to continue a friendship with me,” she said.


The Twitch streamer then wondered where she might end up living. “I guess I just wonder where I’ll end up living long term. I wonder if I’ll ever come to a point where I just don’t really want to be in LA anymore.”

(Timestamp 01:55 for mobile users.)

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Despite feeling down about living in Los Angeles, the streamer clarified that she was feeling “nostalgic” when she recorded it as she was back at home in Canada at the time.

The video is a good reminder that despite being famous and having millions of followers, anyone can feel lonely or like they don’t belong. Streamers often face people who only know them due to the medium’s intimate environment.