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Pokimane “breaks up” with Twitch chat over “girlfriend experience” joke

Published: 1/Mar/2020 23:42

by Brent Koepp


Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys had the perfect response to a viewer who trolled her for not being able to get her video game stream started.

Pokimane is not only the top female streamer on Twitch, she’s an absolute entertainment juggernaut with millions of subscribers across her Instagram, YouTube, and social media accounts.

However despite being much loved on the platform, the streamer’s chat can sometimes give her a hard time. And during her February 29 broadcast, she had the perfect comeback to a viewer who was messing around.

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Pokimane “breaks up” with her chat

The Twitch personality had promised her chat that she was going to stream the 2015 game Until Dawn. Only problem is, the title developed by Supermassive Games is not on PC and is exclusive to PlayStation 4. The streamer also had run into issues with her capture card.


She then allowed her audience to vote on whether she should just play CSGO, or try to fix her capture card. Surprisingly, her chat was adamant she play the PS4 title. After spending 40 minutes trying to get it to work, a viewer poked fun at her broadcast.

“Really enjoy this GFE stream experience,” the donation read, presumably referring to Nvidia Geforce Experience due to her spending so much time working on the capture card. Taken back by it, Pokimane said “What did you just say? GFE?” before she joked “girlfriend experience?”

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She then roasted the viewer by giving him a “girlfriend experience stream” by breaking up with him. “Well if you think this is a GFE then I think you should sit down. I didn’t want to do this in front of everybody. But I think you should sit down.”


Poki then began to break the bad news to the listener. “You refuse to ever take me out for dinner, or even like go halfsies on the dinners that I pay. And you just don’t treat me like you used to.”

Getting completely meta, the streamer poked back at some of her viewers who had been giving her a hard time. “I think the last time you complimented me, was like 2017. I just think we would both be happier alone. I’m sorry, it’s over.”

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Despite the hiccups in starting her stream, Pokimane was able to get her Until Dawn broadcast up and running, and played the thriller title for hours.


The hilarious situation, if nothing else, is proof that if any viewer is thinking of trolling the Twitch star, prepare for her to land with a perfect comeback.