PointCrow unveils IRL Battleship Twitch stream with real ships 

An image of Pointcrow battleship live twitchTwitch: PointCrow

Twitch streamer PointCrow has announced his “biggest stream yet” as the content creator is set to unveil his IRL Battleship event.

Eric ‘PointCrow’ Morino has become one of the streaming world’s most unique creators. Having built an impressive empire on both Twitch and YouTube, the streamer is known for his legendary Nintendo speed runs.

Having left academia behind in favor of growing his online audience, Morino is getting ready to unleash his most ambitious project yet.

Prepare to gather your fleet, as PointCrow will be streaming an IRL version of the iconic game board game Battleship.

PointCrow announces IRL Battleship Live event on Twitch

PointCrow claims he has produced “THE BIGGEST STREAM I’VE EVER DONE” amid the announcement of his ‘Battle Ship Live’ Twitch event on October 23, 2022.

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To commemorate the initial news of the stream, PointCrow released a short sizzle reel on social media to entice new and familiar viewers. Adorned with a pulsating synthwave score, the brief clip details the size of the game’s IRL Battleship arena.

Taking place within a 100ft by 100ft grid for either opponent, PointCrow specified that there will be “10 boats” at his disposal.

The best part of this event, however, is that the streamer’s audience will be involved directly, as PointCrow explained his Twitch chat will have the ability to enforce choices within the game.

Featuring the likes of “real pyrotechnics”, the event will see “PointCrow vs Surprise Guest – and the “last one standing” emerges victorious.

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Fans of the content creator are already hyped to see how this event will play out. “Whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise,” said @ARCHIT3CTstream.

Battleship originated in the first World War, as a pen and pencil game, before transitioning into a board game created manufacturer Milton Bradley in 1967.

The stream will be available to watch via PointCrow’s Twitch channel.