PewDiePie’s wife Marzia reveals why she was “ashamed” to show her face

Brent Koepp
YouTube: Marzia

PewDiePie’s wife Marzia Kjellberg opened up to her followers on May 18 with an emotional Instagram post that detailed her insecurities as a public personality. The former fashion YouTuber revealed why she’s felt exhausted.

Marzia was one of the most popular personalities on YouTube, as her makeup, fashion and vlogging pulled in over 7.6 million subscribers. However in 2018, she retired her channel, citing a need to make a change in her life.

On May 18, the former content creator opened up to fans about her struggles with her appearance on camera. The star explained how she’s finally ready to “embrace” how she looks after years of feeling “ashamed.”

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Instagram: @itsmarziapie
The fashion vlogger opened up about her personal struggles on Instagram.

Marzia opens up about her insecurities

The former YouTuber made the emotional upload on her Instagram, and detailed her struggles with insecurity about the right side of her face. In the post, she revealed that she started focusing on using angles to feel comfortable.

“My face is so asymmetrical I always found it embarrassing. When I started making videos, I found out my favourite angles and stuck with it. However, it is exhausting, silly and simply put, superficial,” she wrote.

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Marzia then expressed that she actually felt embarrassed of her appearance and would hide one side of her face. “I was so insecure and ashamed that it made me hate how I looked, and wanted to hide it, so I pretty much banished the right side of my face from being on photos.”

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However, she said after years of struggling with it, she’s finally ready to embrace her whole face. “So here I am trying to embrace the side of my face I was never fond of. It took me way too long to be comfortable to share this.”

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The beloved personality also included two images of the right side of her face, stating, “Here is my attempt to being more comfortable in my own skin from now on.” Her emotional post went viral with over 435k likes at the time of writing.

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The star’s personal story resonated with many viewers, as many comments thanked her for opening up. Others shared their own experiences, including popular cosplayer ‘meggiicosplay’ who explained, “This is something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember.”

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Marzia’s emotional post received a ton of comments from those that had the same experiences as her.

Marzia’s act will no doubt inspire many, as it allows viewers who suffer the same insecurities to be able to relate to her. If nothing else, it shows that even public figures have their own personal struggles just like everyone else.

While the fashion creator no longer makes YouTube video’s, she often documents her life on Instagram which has over 7.6 million followers. She also continues to design her own clothing brand ‘Tsuki’ which she collaborates on with her husband.

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