PewDiePie goes to “war” against his video editors, and it’s hilarious

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YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg might be the most subscribed creator on the platform, but he doesn’t do everything, himself; the Swede’s two editors give him ample help in his projects, who are now “at odds” with Kjellberg after jokingly calling him out in their own video.

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PewDiePie’s editors, Muhammed Osman (better known as Sive Morten or Brad Two) and ‘BradWOTO’ (also known as Brad 1), uploaded a joint video on May 28 explaining how fans can get their content onto PewDiePie’s regular ‘LWIAY’ show while reading salty comments on his subreddit.

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In their video, the editors took a few good-natured jabs at Kjellberg, claiming that the YouTube king sometimes won’t react to certain memes or “doesn’t care” about how he looks in his videos, regardless of framing, lighting, and other such elements.

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That’s not all; the editors even shot back at salty fans who claimed to be able to do a better job at editing PewDiePie’s videos, as well as those who gave them the blame for certain memes not making an appearance in LWIAY, whatsoever.

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PewDiePie responded to their jokes in his own video on the subject, which he edited, himself – effectively turning their comments into a humorous “war” between the three parties.

PewDiePie, YouTubeThe Swedish YouTuber is known for his hilarious antics and self-jabs, which came out in full force during his video responding to his editors’ comments about his behind-the-scenes behavior.[ad name=”article3″]

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“It’s almost like I expect you, the editor, to frame the shot, alright?” PewDiePie laughingly shot back at their comments on his framing abilities. “Oh, look! You actually did it here! Wow! ‘But that would lose quality – ’ like the quality can get any worse, anyway!”

Despite their hilarious banter, PewDiePie found himself agreeing with many of his editors’ statements, even admitting that he’d possibly had the wrong settings for OBS during one of his videos, among other blunders.

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“All memes aside, I am actually proud of my Brads,” PewDiePie continued. “It’s all jokes. We’re all just making silly jokes with each other… and I’m the butt of the joke.”

PewDiePie’s latest “war” with his editors follows his ultimate loss against Bollywood music label T-Series, which surpassed his coveted 100 million subscriber milestone on May 29.

PewDiePie, YouTubePewDiePie has finally fallen to T-Series, after the Bollywood label beat him to his coveted 100 million subscriber milestone on May 29.

While T-Series might be the most subscribed channel on the platform, Kjellberg remains the most subscribed independent creator on the site, boasting over 96 million subscribers and counting, thanks to his war with the label.

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