Jake and Logan Paul have priceless reactions to naked girl prank

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It’s no secret that YouTube is a hive for jaw-dropping content and hilarious pranks, but two Instagram models decided to take things to the next level by walking around naked in public - a stunt that saw priceless reactions from top YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul.

Instagram models Lauren Dascalo and Daisy Keech got together to film a prank video where they bared it all - quite literally.

The pair walked around the Team 10 mansion in nothing but their birthday suits, eliciting hilarious responses from their housemates, one of whom placed a towel over his face as a blindfold in order to avoid laying eyes on the models.

Lauren Dascalo, YouTube
Lauren Dascalo, YouTube
Instagram models Daisy Keech and Lauren Dascalo got together to prank their housemates by walking around naked - and even took their practical joke to a grocery store.

However, one of the funnier reactions came from Jake Paul, who jokingly asked, “So, are we doing this, or what?” when approached by the duo.

“Why are you like that?” Jake asked, after jokingly saying he would use the opportunity as blackmail material. “...it’s kinda weird, because I know your boyfriend.”

[Timestamp: 4:30 for mobile viewers]

That wasn’t the end of the models’ prank, by far; after ordering Postmates (much to the driver’s surprise), the two drove to Logan Paul’s home, where Logan had a gut-busting response to seeing the duo and even embraced them in a hug.

"I'm not mad at all,” Paul said of the practical joke, busting out in a wide grin after getting over the initial shock of seeing the girls in the nude. “This is great. ...How is this a prank? This is awesome!”

Laruen Dascalo, Instagram
Laruen Dascalo, Instagram
Lauren Dascalo is a fitness model and athlete - as well as a notable YouTuber.


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Despite the obvious illegality of their actions, the models even went to a grocery store under the pretense of being nude - although some fans were dubious as to the legitimacy of their prank, as the two would have been arrested for indecent exposure and likely dubbed as sex offenders if they’d actually gone out in naught but their skin.

While the models joked about appearing on Logan Paul’s ‘imPaulsive’ podcast, their nude appearance wouldn’t be the first NSFW shenanigan to go down on the show, by far; Paul has invited a number of adult film stars on the podcast, including Riley Reid (a move that Paul’s publicist warned him not to repeat in future episodes).

While Jake Paul is set to reveal his new ‘Team 10 Uncut’ show in the near future, Logan Paul is gearing up to pursue fighting as a full-time career, ahead of his rematch with YouTuber KSI in November.