PewDiePie shows off his yo-yo ‘skills’ in hilarious Instagram video

Brent Koepp
Instagram: @itsmarziapie

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg showed off his yo-yo ‘skills’ in a comical Instagram story on March 4. The Swedish star’s mastery of the popular toy quickly led to fans making hilarious memes around it. 

PewDiePie is most popular content creator on YouTube, with millions of subscribers across the world. The entertainer has become wildly influential with his signature humor that incorporates memes.

However during his day off from uploading weekly content, the Swede had fans in stitches after his wife Marzia posted an Instagram story showing off his yo-yo ‘skills.’

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PewDiePie shows off his yo-yo ‘skills’

The Swede returned from his month-long vacation in late February and made some changes to his channel. After 10 years of daily uploads, Pewds is now giving himself a few days a week to relax or work on other projects.

While the YouTuber doesn’t use social media, his wife Marzia often documents their travels on her Instagram. And on March 4 she uploaded a photo of the two playing with yo-yos with the caption “Yoyo masters.”

The adorable photo of them joking around with the popular toy went viral, and at the time of writing has received over 757k likes. Soon after, Marzia used the platform’s ‘Story’ feature to host multiple videos of her husband showing off his ‘skills.’
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The first video shows the YouTube king pulling off the classic ‘cats cradle’ trick. After making a serious face for his epic accomplishment, he then broke into laughter.

Demonstrating his pro gamer abilities further, he then threw his yo-yo out behind a dumpster without being seen. However he then hilariously revealed himself as his head popped up from behind the object.

The YouTuber’s Reddit forum r/PewdiepieSubmissions quickly began to meme the new clips, such as users ‘jeandre_coetzee’ and ‘Skaarl-‘ who joked that his yo-yo skills came from his time playing Terraria, which features the toy as weapon in the game.

The YouTuber’s reddit forum made hilarious memes about his yo-yo moves.

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While the videos were certainly meant to be silly, if nothing else it shows that the Swedish star has a sense of humor even when taking a break from uploading content.

PewDiePie has not missed a beat since returning from his month-long vacation in January. He’s continued his popular series Last Week I Asked You and Meme Review to insane views, proving that the vacation didn’t slow him down one bit.