Trisha Paytas reveals why she’s “retiring” from YouTube

Virginia Glaze
Trisha Paytas, YouTube

Trisha Paytas is an online personality best known for her viral YouTube videos — but the social media star is giving up the major platform, as revealed in a soul-bearing upload in early March.

Paytas has become a household name for longtime YouTube viewers, widely known for her emotional videos crying on her kitchen floor, her original songs, and her explosive feuds with other creators on the site.

However, it seems that she’s putting the platform on the back burner for the foreseeable future, as she revealed in a video jokingly titled, “Desperate B**ch” on March 3.

Trisha Paytas, Instagram
YouTube star Trisha Paytas revealed that she’s taking a major step back from the platform in favor of other revenue streams.

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According to Paytas, she is effectively retiring from her role as a full-time YouTuber, citing stress from constantly creating content and even admitting that the platform was her lowest source of income as reasons for stepping back from the site.

“YouTube is no longer my priority,” the star explained. “…I was stressing about it, like, ‘What am I gonna do?’ …this was my lowest form of income. There was definitely no money motivation. as far as views, there wasn’t really view motivation.”

That’s not all: she likewise revealed that she has become more popular on other platforms like TikTok and Patreon, and has chosen to prioritize those income streams accordingly, as well as claiming that she hasn’t received much positive feedback on YouTube, in comparison.

Trisha Paytas, Instagram
Paytas explained that she’s gained a large following on other platforms, which she is choosing to prioritize over her YouTube content.

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“YouTube was always my biggest passion,” she continued. “It motivated me — not only in money, but views, people liked it, I was getting good feedback. I’m just not getting great feedback anymore on YouTube. …I just lost my passion and creativity for it.”

Of course, the content creator isn’t going to give up YouTube for good; instead, she plans on treating the platform as more of a “hobby,” where she hopes to home future music videos and side projects.

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This news follows a tumultuous year for the social media celeb, who came under fire after coming out as transgender in 2019.

However, after squashing her feud with H3H3’s Ethan Klein, it seems that she’s making big changes to her brand, which includes a shift in focus from her long-time career on YouTube.