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PewDiePie responds to criticism following coronavirus controversy

Published: 23/Feb/2020 1:06 Updated: 13/Mar/2020 18:23

by Brent Koepp


After making his triumphant return from his month-long break, YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg faced backlash for a joke he made about coronavirus. Now the Swede has responded by doubling down on the memes.

The popular entertainer made his return to YouTube on February 21, however his first video back faced criticism from the media over jokes he made about the coronavirus.

The Swedish star doesn’t seem too bothered by it though, as he responded to the backlash during his February 22 Meme Review by reacting to more jokes about the real-world topic.

PewDiePie responds to criticism

The YouTuber started out by saying “Now I understand this is a bit controversial, you can’t really joke about stuff…” before flashing a disclaimer that read: “THE COMMENTS IN THIS VIDEO ARE PURELY SARCASM OR HYPERBOLE. DO NOT TAKE ME SERIOUSLY.”


He continued by saying, “just because I laugh at something, doesn’t mean I think it’s funny. If anything it’s the opposite. I’m only reviewing this for the sake of historical context.” He then put on a breathing mask.

The Swede then doubled down with a joke comparing the virus to an anime girl. “It would be dishonest and disingenuous to not review the coronavirus. Or as I like to call it caronawaifus. Because she’s hot. I would f**k her. I’m not gonna lie.”

YouTube: PewDiePie
The popular YouTube faced criticism for his coronavirus joke on February 21.

Pewds reacted to an image that showed a pharmacy in Japan completely out of stock of medical supplies. “This is every single pharmacy in Tokyo right now. It’s wiped out. And you know why? Because I bought the whole goddamn Japan. I’m sorry!” he said, holding up his box of face masks.


He then addressed criticism that jokes about the virus could be considered racist by linking to an article by Business Insider, which was about Chinese citizens using memes to cope. “Listen, if you think these are racist jokes, even Chinese people in Japan made these jokes.”

The YouTube star reiterated that it was a coping mechanism. “If Chinese people are joking about it, I can as well. It’s a coping mechanism!” he exclaimed.

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Despite the jokes, PewDiePie told his viewers to stay safe and shared some tips on how to avoid getting sick. “All memes aside, stay safe. Wash your hands. Dispose of items that you cough in.”


Regardless of whether you agree with his stance or not, comedy has often been used culturally as a mechanism to deal with tough subjects. If nothing else, the Swede is staying true to the style of humor that many have come to love.