PewDiePie responds to “confusing” reports about his net worth

YouTube: PewDiePie

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg responded to media reports this week about his insane net worth, disputing them as “confusing” and “overvaluing” him.

PewDiePie is having one hell of a year, reaching 102 million subscribers on his YouTube account, and launching his wildly successful Minecraft series in June which propelled him to the most watched channel on the platform.

During a Q&A on December 29, the Swede was asked about his net worth, which he said was bigger then Forbes’ $13 million valuation. However, the popular entertainer was left “confused” by financial reports this week by media outlets like The Sun, and is disputing them.

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Instagram: @pewdiepieThe Swedish YouTuber has over 102 million subscribers on his channel.

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PewDiePie disputes “confusing” reports

In his August 28 update vlog, Pewds admitted that his Minecraft series had given him “epic” ad revenue this year, and said, “I feel like I’m finally earning what people think I’m making out of YouTube videos.”

However, a recent a report by British news outlet The Sun that cited a study from OnBuy claimed the YouTuber made an astonishing £54 million in 2019 – something which the Swede disputed in his January 5th upload of PewNews.

“But then The Sun was like, “Okay, alright then, we overvalue you £54 million!”,” he said. “In 2019 apparently I made £54 million, guys. It’s just so crazy. I get that people want to know the exact number, so they are just going to make up a bunch of stuff.”

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YouTube: PewDiePiePewDiePie says reports on his net worth “make no sense.”

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The YouTube star then criticized the British outlet’s graph on his wealth. “This makes no sense. It says January I made £5.8 million, but it says in December I made £2.9.  It should be the opposite because December is at least three or four times January!” he explained.

“I’m so confused!” Pewds exclaimed. He then hit out at the report since it cited a study by OnBuy that links to nothing. “This is based on a study. This research was carried out by online marketplace OnBuy. What is that?! They just link to the website. I try to find the study, I can not find it!”

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Felix then ended the segment thanking The Sun for at least not “undervaluing” him, although he clearly disputes the reports, saying they make no sense.

(Timestamp 03:47 for mobile users.)

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PewDiePie has argued in the past that the media started to undervalue him on financial lists after several of his controversies. But now it seems they are now over-reporting what he made in 2019, according to the Swede.

Regardless of what his actual net worth is, the YouTuber has gone on record saying “it doesn’t matter,” and that it’s not something he cares about – he just laughs at it.

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