PewDiePie gives scathing review of popular YouTuber Gabbie Hanna’s single ‘Monster’

Virginia Glaze. Last updated: Dec 19, 2018
PewDiePie, Genius - YouTube

YouTube’s most-subscribed creator, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, took major shots at popular YouTuber Gabbie Hanna during an episode of ‘Meme Review’ on December 18, where he roasted her latest single in a scathing series of comments.

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Hanna broke down the lyrics to her single, ‘Monster,’ in a segment of Genius’s ‘Verified’ on November 19, where she caught flak for her vocals while belting out one verse. Thanks to the internet’s neverending creativity, the clip spawned a plethora of memes poking fun at Gabbie’s singing – and even caught the attention of PewDiePie, himself.

PewDiePie addressed Gabbie’s interview with Genius in an episode of his ‘Meme Review’ video series almost a month later, where he laid into the song’s lyrics without pulling any punches.

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“Damn, that’s deep,” PewDiePie sarcastically said of Hanna’s lyrical breakdown. “…I’ve always wondered what she meant when she said, ‘laying on this bed all alone.’ Thank God.”

That wasn’t the end of Pewd’s tirade; he roasted her vocals, as well, going on to play a reel of varying parodies and memes inspired by the singer’s interview.

“What happened there?” Pewds asked, going on to mimic Hanna’s singing with a high-pitched scream. “I have a couple of theories.”

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While Pewds never went on to explain these theories, Hanna’s interview with Genius now sits at over three million views, with a massive dislike ratio of 91,000 dislikes to 71,000 likes. 

Hanna addressed the widely-mocked segment in a reaction video on December 10, where she explained that the difference in audio stemmed from the Genius team’s sound mixing, claiming that they’d used a boom mic before cutting to the camera’s mic just as she belted out the chorus.