Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriends are throwing major shade at each other, and here’s why

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTubers Alissa Violet and Erika Costell (both ex-girlfriends of controversial social media star Jake Paul) are in the midst of a vicious spat, thanks to a savage comment Violet made in a vlog during her trip to Mexico.

Violet uploaded a vlog on December 15 that included a hilarious encounter with a dead cockroach while she was vacationing in Mexico - and she didn’t pass up the opportunity to take shots at Jake Paul’s latest ex-girlfriend, Erika Costell, in the process.

“Oh my god!” Violet exclaimed, focusing the camera on the insect. “It’s Erika’s career!”

While Violet’s comment was met with laughter from her friends, Costell didn’t appear to take the jab in such good spirits. Costell posted two Tweets that may have marked a response to Violet’s vlog on December 17, claiming that she is trying to be the “bigger person” amidst the scandal.

“Damn, sometimes being the bigger person is exhausting,” Costell wrote, following up with, “It’s okay though, I’m busy gettin’ stronger 👀”

While Costell and Violet used to be good friends, the two appear to be public enemies following Violet’s widely-publicized split with Jake, which she claimed included mental abuse and infidelity (prompting her hookup with Jake’s older brother, Logan Paul).

Despite their beef, some fans have speculated that Costell’s Tweets may have been in response to a post that Jake made on December 16, where he admitted that he wanted to “set his emotions on fire” in order to have them “disappear forever.” Whatever the case, it appears as though Paul isn’t fully over his breakup with Costell, as revealed in his new ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ docuseries.