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PewDiePie found an item that makes Minecraft “10 times better”

Published: 9/Sep/2019 21:48 Updated: 10/Sep/2019 9:10

by Eli Becht


Minecraft content while still discovering ways to have even more fun.

PewDiePie started a Minecraft playthrough as part of his “Gaming Week” series but that somehow transitioned into a staple on his channel as millions of viewers wait daily for him to drop his new video.


The YouTuber hasn’t disappointed and although he defeated the Ender Dragon during his playthrough, he promised fans he’s not close to being done with the game.

YouTube:PewDiePiePewDiePie is back on Minecraft.

In his September 9 video, he discovered something he didn’t think was possible in Minecraft. That’s right, Pewds learned how to fly using the Elytra and he says the game is greatly improved because of it. The Elytra was added to Minecraft all the way back in version 1.9 of Minecraft in 2016, but this is the first Pewds has learned of it. 


At the 1:25 mark in the video, he finally figures out how to make it work and lets out a joyful cheer as he glides towards his town ordering his villagers to get back to work.

After propelling himself across the world with Firework Rockets near the 3:20 mark of the video, he shared his true thoughts about what it’s like to fly.

“This is amazing,” he said. “This is the greatest day of my life. Look at Meatball! Woo hoo hoo!”


Flying through the world instead of traversing on foot would have greatly sped things up, but better later than never.

YouTube: PewDiePiePewDiePie still has lots to do in Minecraft.

It’s good to see that even though the credits have already rolled, the Swede is still finding exciting things to do in Minecraft.

There’s no telling how much left to find he has to find in the game but if anyone can do it, it’s the YouTube king.


Outside of his main series, there’s also the series he has going on with fellow YouTuber Jacksepticeye.

The two don’t really have a goal they’re building towards in terms of conquering the Ender Dragon, but they do have a lot of fun together which is always a good thing for viewers.


PewDiePie recently crushed his 100 million subscriber goal, which he was awarded a special Red Diamond Creator Award, the only solo YouTuber to do so. The Indian music company T-Series also received this honor. 


72-year-old Twitch streamer OldBuzzardt passes away

Published: 19/Oct/2020 15:16

by Jacob Hale


A 72-year-old Twitch streamer that went by the name of OldBuzzardt has sadly passed away, with family members leaving the announcement on his Twitch channel to let fans know.

OldBuzzardt, known to friends and fans as Buzz, who previously worked in law enforcement, including stints in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army Active Reserve, would often share his Fortnite gameplay to his loyal fans, with an infectiously happy spirit about him.


Buzz had over 80,000 followers on the platform, and even had his own Creator Code on Epic Games’ hit battle royale title, clearly loving what he was doing and going live almost every day for his viewers to catch up with him.

Unfortunately, on October 17, ahead of a scheduled Fortnite stream, Buzz passed away and his family took it upon themselves to launch his stream with a message to fans letting them know what has happened, and even offering a place for his fans to find support.

oldbuzzardt Twitch streamer Fortnite
YouTube: oldbuzzardt
Buzz loved playing Fortnite, sharing his gameplay on Twitch and YouTube.

The livestream simply contained a still image of Buzz, looking as happy as ever, with a few words.

“It is with a heavy heart we have to inform you that Buzz passed away at home on 10/17/2020,” it read. “We have left the stream and chat open for you all to gather and pay your respects. We hope you know how much you all meant to Buzz.”

It went on to say that his stream was and will continue to be a very special place, before explaining that the moderators will be in the chat offering support, with fans able to leave a nice word or talk about their favorite memories of Buzz with others.


Buzz was a great reminder to his viewers and the wider community that age is really just a number in gaming: while Fortnite was typically looked at as a kid’s game, he jumped on the game everyday and had a great time, fostering a positive and lighthearted community.

We extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to Buzz’s family, friends and viewers at this sad time.