Korean Twitch streamer releases emotional apology after accidental nudity

by Isaac McIntyre
Addielyn, Twitch


A Twitch streamer who accidentally appeared naked on the livestreaming platform has issued an emotional apology to her fans.


Korean model Addielyn went live on Twitch on Sunday, September 8, but appeared not to realize she had enabled her camera and microphone for broadcast.

Apparently unaware she was sharing footage of her room with her fans, she began getting changed, appearing fully naked for just under a minute while speaking to her male friend before realizing her mistake and ending the accidental livestream.


The Korean streamer has since disabled her Instagram and YouTube accounts. While her Twitch channel is still active at the moment, but it's been emptied out of all past broadcasts and clips, there's a chance it could be banned for violating Twitch's rules.

After her mistake, the Korean model released a written statement, in which she revealed she didn’t want to turn on the broadcast again because it was too “scary” to face her fans.

“I can't type anymore because my hands are shaking all the time I'm typing this. I'm just so sorry and I just want you to forget ... I'm so sorry,” she wrote.

Addielyn9, Instagram
Addielyn9, Instagram
Addielyn9 has released a statement relating to her on-stream nudity.


“I apologize for turning on the broadcast and showing you … I'm not confident to see you anymore. I think I've sinned so much for those who have believed in me. I just want to die.

“I will live with guilt for breaking down my broadcasts I have prepared and built up. I just want to ask you to remember that there was a streamer who tried to laugh hard for you and make you laugh.”


This isn’t the first time the Korean model has been involved in a controversy surrounding NSFW content on Twitch, either. 

Alongside friends ‘sooflower’, ‘chobiman0125’ and ‘damicos’, she was banned from the platform for a risque pool stream that went viral in August.


The groups’ bans only lasted a handful of days, however, and all four channels were restored on the platform with community guideline strikes against their channels.

Out of respect for Addielyn9's privacy, the clip of the incident will not be provided.