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PewDiePie reveals his future YouTube plans after returning from break

Published: 21/Feb/2020 18:24 Updated: 21/Feb/2020 22:39

by Brent Koepp


After a month-long break, the king of YouTube Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is back. Returning from his recent hiatus, the Swede made his triumphant return on February 21 by catching up on memes. 

The YouTube star first announced his plans for a break in December 2019, stating that he was “tired.” And on January 15, he bid his 103 million subscribers a temporary farewell.

However after a month of radio silence, PewDiePie is finally back, after announcing on February 20 that he would return “tomorrow” in an Instagram story. The Swedish star uploaded a 15-minute video where he reacted to world’s best memes that he had missed while on vacation, and it’s as glorious as you would expect.

Instagram: @pewdiepie
Instagram: @pewdiepie
The Swedish personality has made his epic return to YouTube after a month long break.

PewDiePie returns to YouTube

“I have returned!” the YouTuber exclaimed at the start of his February 21 video. “I broke my 10 year streak of daily uploads to go on a one-month break to do…” he paused, as the sound of crickets played.

He admitted that he hadn’t done much at all, but stated “It’s been nice actually!” He then went to browse his folder of missed memes, and reacted to his subreddit having descended into chaos while on break. “I always wondered what you guys would do. What’s going to happen to the subreddit. Now we know. Absolute garbage, thank you!” he joked.

The Swede then gave hints about his future plans. “Technically I wouldn’t have to come back. I could retire if I wanted to. It was good for me to take a break, to sort of process what I’m doing, and what I want to do in the future. And there is definitely some changes I will have to do with the channel, but I’ll do them gradually,” he said.

YouTube: PewDiePie
The Swedish YouTuber joked about being afraid of getting sick with coronavirus while away.

He then confessed, “I’ve been obsessing too much about YouTube, and pushing myself way too hard for too long. There is other stuff I want to do. I’m working on bigger projects as well. Although I have been missing it a lot!”

Pewds also opened about how much he appreciates his viewers. “I thought I wouldn’t be able to go on a break. Maybe I’m so addicted. Turns out I’m completely fine. It made me appreciate that I have an audience. I kind of just taken it for granted,” he said. “And I’ve only seen the negative parts of having an audience. Just because my following became so big, that I became really tired of constantly being asked for stuff.”

The YouTuber ended the video by stating that he will be uploading daily again, and also thanked his fans. “Thank you for all the nice and lovely supportive comments while I was gone, that really cheered me up,” he said. “It’s been really healthy and good for me to take this break. I appreciate everyone’s patience.”

(Timestamp 02:08 for mobile users.)

It seems the break was much needed for PewDiePie, as he joked about how “tired” and “frustrated” he looked before taking his hiatus. Given that he consistently created daily uploads for 10 years, it was certainly well-deserved.

Despite being away for over 30 days, the YouTuber shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. Given that last year was his biggest yet, fans are no doubt excited to see the next phase of his channel.


Dr Disrespect set to host own gaming award show for “true creatives”

Published: 30/Nov/2020 14:13

by Alex Garton


Dr Disrespect will be hosting a new gaming award show next year that will have a range of unique categories. In his own words, he wants the show to focus on “things that really matter”.

Each year, certain game developers push the boundaries of the industry and create something brilliant. Therefore, it’s only right we have so many awards shows to shine a light on these projects and give them credit.

However, a lot of these ceremonies focus on handing out awards for entire games rather than focusing on the individual elements of a title. By the looks of it, Dr Disrespect is looking to fill this gap with his own reward show that focuses on handing out rewards for specific features gamers like him really care about.

Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect has over 3 million subscribers on Youtube.

Dr Disrespect plans to host his own award show in 2021

The most important aspect of an award show is the different categories for each of the accolades.

This is where the Doc is looking to make his ceremony unique and interesting: “I think the game industry needs an award show that focuses on things that really matter.” Rather than focusing on the broader project, the two-time wants to reward the individuals who put these amazing titles together.

A tweet made by the Doc gives some examples of the different categories we could expect from his show.

There’s no doubt it would exciting to see a popular award show herald some of the individual developers that put these projects together. A lot of the time they do not get the recognition they deserve as most awards are given out for the entire project.

Doc finishes off the tweet by confirming we can expect to see the show at some point next year. It’ll be interesting to see if he hosts the ceremony independently or with an established award show brand.

Either way, it’s great news and to be honest it’s hard to think of a better host for a gaming award ceremony than the Two-Time. Let’s hope the Doc provides us with a specific date in the near future.