PewDiePie explains why his YouTube channel is shockingly similar to Attack on Titan - Dexerto

PewDiePie explains why his YouTube channel is shockingly similar to Attack on Titan

Published: 10/Apr/2019 0:54

by Alan Bernal


The king of YouTube Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg thinks he made a fitting comparison when asked to describe his channel with similar acclaim by answering with Attack on Titan.

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The popular Wit Studio anime has garnered high praise from fans as well as critics, but something about how its audience hypes up the show makes PewDiePie think there are more similarities in between the lines.

PewDiePie joined Joey ‘The Anime Man’ Byzinger for a special “Weeb Review” where they answered a host of questions straight from the fans, which gave some revealing insights about their respective tastes in the genre.


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Wit StudioThe popular anime has been lauded by fans, but maybe a bit too much according to PewDiePie.

Attack on PewDiePie

During the Q&A, Byzinger brought up an interesting question when he asked PewDiePie: “If you could only describe your YouTube channel using a mediocre anime, which would it be?”

This prompted PewDiePie to give a quick but dreary response as he compared his channel with one of the more love/hate animes in recent times.

“Attack on Titan,” PewDiePie said in response before continuing. “Well it’s kinda like over-hyped a bit, and so am I.”

PewDiePie then made a cheeky plug for people to subscribe to him after giving his less-than-enthusiastic comparison.

[Timestamp at 1:37 for mobile viewers]


PewDiePie in Japanese

The show hosts were then asked how well they could uphold a conversation in Japanese, which really put PewDiePie’s mastery of the language to the test.

The Swede took the initiative by starting out the exchange with a simple “konnichiwa” (hi), which Byzinger returned in kind before turning up the heat.

After a few blunders, it was clear that the Pewds needs a little bit more time shaping up his Japanese to keep up with Byzinger.

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The Anime Man YouTubeThe two popular YouTubers were equally amused when trying out foreign languages in practice.

Anime Man in Swedish

A fan had a question that returned the favor onto the popular anime YouTuber when they asked him how much of the Swedish language he knew.


“Weirdly enough,” Byzinger said. “The only Swedish I learned was from your old videos which is ‘jävla’… and what was the other one which was something like ‘helvete.’”

A lot of long-time PewDiePie fans would be able to easily relate to Byzinger’s anecdote, seeing how the Pewd’s would routinely spew out Swedish obscenities when startled by the many horror games he played.

The questionnaire revealed plenty more between the Anime Man and the Pewds, but some fans might find it hard to let that Attack on Titan comment go by so easily.