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PewDiePie accused of Anti-Semitism after channel promotion goes wrong

Published: 11/Dec/2018 19:40 Updated: 11/Dec/2018 19:57

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube’s biggest creator is under scrutiny yet again, after promoting a series of smaller YouTube channels in an episode of ‘Pew News’ on December 9.

While PewDiePie shouted out a slew of YouTubers in a segment following his usual ‘Pew News’ fare, one of these channels is being called out for promoting what has been deemed as ‘Anti-Semitic’ content.

The YouTuber in question, going by the handle ‘E;R,’ creates video essays over a variety of topics, including anime, big-budget films, and American cartoons.

However, his content is likewise notable for containing problematic language and offensive humor – even entertaining what is called the ‘Jewish Question’ and joking about the murder of Heather Heyer, who was killed after a Neo-Nazi drove his vehicle into a crowd of protesters in 2017.

PewDiePie linked one of E;R’s videos in the description of his ‘Pew News’ episode, which led to an essay over Netflix’s live action adaptation of the popular ‘Death Note’ anime. The description of the essay contains racist language towards one of the actors in the film, who portrayed one of its characters, ‘L,’ as a person of color.

According to Hasan Piker of The Young Turks, the first channel PewDiePie promoted rose from 14,000 subscribers to over 61,000 subs after his shoutout – leading to mass concern that the YouTube king is helping promote a noted Anti-Semitic Holocaust-denier, as well.

While PewDiePie has yet to address these allegations, E;R has since Tweeted out a video edit of Piker’s Twitch stream speaking out on the issue, joking that the “Steven Universe fandom” is responsible for the debacle.

UPDATE: PewDiePie has since responded to the debacle in a YouTube video uploaded on December 11, claiming that he wasn’t aware of E;R’s Nazi references and merely hoped to promote smaller channels in light of his battle with Bollywood label T-Series.


Charli & Dixie D’Amelio slam “super weird” paparazzi for camping outside their homes

Published: 22/Jan/2021 10:20

by Connor Bennett


Social media stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have called out the “super weird, super uncomfortable” practices of paparazzi following them and camping outside their homes. 

With the success of TikTok around the globe, a new batch of social media stars have been born, but perhaps, there have been none more successful than the D’Amelio sisters, Charli and Dixie. 

The pair have a massive fanbase across TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, and obviously, that means they attract media attention too.

However, it seems as if some paparazzi have been overstepping their boundaries, with the sisters calling them out for sitting outside their houses. 

dixie and charli damelio on Instagram
Instagram: dixiedamelio
Charli and Dixie have seen unrivalled success on TikTok.

It came during the January 21 episode of their 2 Chix podcast as the pair got into things that have really been grinding their gears, with the paparazzi camping outside their homes being a big one. 

“Something that’s been grinding my gears – paparazzi. Kevin, Josh, this is for you guys – please stop waiting outside my house,” Charli said. “Super weird, super uncomfortable, super big invasion of privacy. Home is supposed to be a safe space, not where you have people waiting for you. Super weird, thank you.”

Dixie added that whenever she leaves her apartment, she’ll see paparazzi illegally parked outside, and they’ll follow her when driving. “They used to be really chill, we’d be like ‘hey, not right now we’re just sitting outside’ but now, I feel like since everything is closed, and they’re getting zero content from anyone, they kind of know our routine now,” she added.

Topic begins at 0:30

Dixie further noted that it’s quite “scary” in Charli’s situation, as her home is all glass and so there’s plenty of ways to look inside, if they wanted to do so. 

TikTokers have called out paparazzi before overstepping boundaries, with some being called out for “stalking” the D’Amelio’s in particular, even when they’re not doing much at all.

Whether or not they change after being called out by the sisters remains to be seen, but, maybe they’ll back off a little bit.