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Overwatch community rallies behind McGravy as he shoots shot with Halsey

Published: 23/Aug/2020 1:10

by Theo Salaun


Back in April, global popstar Ashley ‘Halsey’ Frangipane and Overwatch League flex-tank Caleb ‘McGravy’ McGarvey interacted on Twitter using their shared appreciation for D.Va cosplays. Now, the entire Overwatch community is encouraging McGravy’s courtship. 

None of the interactions between Halsey and McGravy can be taken incredibly seriously, but that hasn’t stopped everyone from trying to give McGravy their infinite support. In the initial moment of perceived romance, Halsey simply called McGravy a “king” for copying her caption and reproducing her cosplay (but in a skintight onesie instead of a bathing suit). Now, he has referenced that previous spark and the Overwatch community is all aboard.


Some months later, with the dust settled, Halsey has Tweeted out a cryptic “I miss you,” prompting a response from the Overwatch League’s knight in shining armor. With fittingly cryptic, puzzled energy, McGravy quote-tweeted Halsey with a simple question: “What are we?”

That is a tremendous question. Although likely in jest, it turns out the OW community includes even more tremendous wingmen as everyone, including the league itself, has latched onto his Tweet with unrelenting gas for the young esports bachelor.

Amidst a sea of fans lending a “vouch,” the OWL chimed in with some potent support: “Hey McGravy, thanks for being a constant beacon of positivity for the league, while also providing a seemingly endless stream of content. Not to mention the great highlights you’ve given us. Also, thanks for letting us borrow your Tesla.”


That sentiment was furthered by the OWL’s Vice President, Jon Spector, who added that “on behalf of the League I just wanted to say that while you are an incredibly gifted professional player you are an even better person. Thank you for everything.”

But not everyone was interested in talking about McGravy’s skill on the virtual court, some fans were quicker to credit McGravy’s unbelievable selflessness in the medical field. 

Saving people from hospital fires, offering up numerous organs for transplant, it is very clear that McGravy has a lot of impressive qualities. 

With all of those compliments going his way, it is entirely possible that Halsey has simply not responded publicly yet because she is overwhelmed by what an intimidatingly successful, humble, and generous person he is. We know we would be.