OTK has turned Emiru into LoFi Girl and Twitch fans are loving it

Emiru OTK LoFi GirlTwitch: OTKNetwork

OTKNetwork has announced a series of new changes to their branded Twitch channel, and one of them has turned Emiru into their very own LoFi girl.

On August 8, OTK Network revealed that they were partnering up with fellow creator MoistCr1TiKal to create their own PC building company Starforge Systems.

That’s not the only change they announced yesterday, as OTK has also revealed that when they are not streaming PC builds on the orgs branded Twitch channel — they’ll be streaming LoFi music.

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To make it even cooler, They’ve modeled their ‘LoFi girl’ after Twitch streamer Emiru — and fans are loving it.

Fans love Emiru as LoFi girl

Just hours after the Starforge Systems announcement they shared that they will be streaming on the OTKNetwork Twitch channel 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The channel is where they will be streaming PC builds, but when they’re offline, fans can “Chill with Emiru” and fans in chat.

Right after posting the tweet, fans took to the replies supporting the new LoFi streams.

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Twitch streamer Kittyplays replied: “Uugghhhhhhh so cute. What a fantastic idea.”

While another fan said: “This channel is already so good!! Combining all of OTK’s communities into one channel where people can hang with their homies and listen to music and just chill 24/7 is something I’ve never seen for an Org or on Twitch and it’s bringing everyone together.”

A third fan of OTK mentioned that this will be their new favorite channel: “Emi>lofi girl. my new fav channel.”

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There are also rumors that the stream will occasionally change streamers, so we might see Mizkif, Asmongold, and more in the future.

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