Ninja slaps back at Twitter hackers with hilarious imitation video

Twitter: @Ninja / Twitter / Pixabay

Following hackers forcing their way into Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ Twitter account and posting crude messages, the Fortnite star has made a hilarious video that puts them right back into their place.

On February 22, Ninja’s social media account was compromised, with the hackers starting off lightly by promoting other users before quickly turning crass, asking Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney for a fight and insulting Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem’s appearance.

Thankfully the Fortnite pro managed to get his Twitter back into safe hands, and celebrated this by posting a video that made a mockery of the trolls.

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Ninja hits back at Twitter hackers

In the 27-second video captioned “Hackers on twitter be like… Seriously same script every time. We back,” the 28-year-old ripped into the offenders by mocking the way they’d tried to promote accounts using his page.

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“Yo, dude, yo, gang gang, bro! Yo, I’ll follow five people who follow “@irrelevantperson” here on Twitter!” he began. “Yo, dude! Insert irrelevant tweet here! Insert racist tweet here!”

He then went on to make fun of the way the troll had their account suspended because they’d promoted it using his account. “Five people who follow my homie gang gang on the one ones, yo, let’s go get it, dude! Oh s**t, I’m suspended!”

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The Fortnite star also revealed why the hackers had been able to infiltrate his Twitter in a reply to Benjy ‘Benjyfishy’ Fish who had tweeted “damn if Ninja can get hacked then nobody is safe lol” upon finding out about what had happened.

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It turns out the streamer had turned off Two-Factor Authentication because he’d lost his old phone and had to disable it to log back in, forgetting to re-enable it.

“Nah I choked and needed two factor removed because I didn’t have access to my old phone to login and never set it back up. Don’t sleep in two step,” he replied.

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Luckily for the streamer, the hackers had only gained access to his page for a short amount of time, meaning no lasting damage could be done.

If anything, the whole ordeal just goes to show how important setting up extra measures to protect your account is, especially if you’re a celebrity with a lot of eyes on you.

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