Ninja roasts Alinity in wake of controversial dog stream

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch streamer “Alinity Divine” has come under fire once again for an animal-related controversy - this time, after her dog got a little too comfortable during a November broadcast.

Although she might be best known for the backlash that erupted after she tossed her cat during an Apex Legends stream, the internet star is receiving a heap of criticism after her Samoyed pup "Luna" buried its nose in her privates while she demonstrated a yoga pose on camera.

While Alinity laughingly commanded her dog to stop its antics, the net isn’t pleased with seemingly yet another breach in conduct on Twitch - and Ninja appears to share critics’ sentiments.


The Twitch-turned-Mixer celeb took a brutal stab at Alinity during a game of Fortnite via streamer “TimTheTatMan’s” broadcast on December 2, where he called back to her previous offenses of cat-tossing and even feeding vodka to her feline friend.

“You know what they [Twitch] don’t allow?” Ninja began, referencing the divisive ban of YouTuber and streamer Corinna Kopf. “Risque tops on their birthday. Ayoo!”

Ninja, Instagram
Ninja, Instagram
Streaming star Tyler "Ninja" Blevins popped off on Alinity's Twitch drama.


That wasn’t the end of his rant: he went on to imitate Alinity in a hypothetical commercial, referencing her storied history on the site.

“If you’re a cat-thrower, Twitch is the place for you,” Ninja joked, singing the McDonald’s jingle. “‘I don’t always throw my cats, but when I do, I prefer to wait until after I’ve poured vodka in its mouth. Hi, I’m Alinity, and welcome to my - hahaha!’”


Ninja isn’t the only streamer roasting Alinity, either: Kopf, who, as previously mentioned, was thought to be banned over wearing a tube top during her birthday stream, lashed out at Alinity on Twitter amid the chaos of her dog debacle, after it seemed that Alinity took a stab at her.

“Girl, you let your dog stick it’s face in your v*gina for 10 seconds lmfao,” she wrote in a now-deleted Tweet.

Corinna Kopf, Instagram
Corinna Kopf, Instagram
As it happens, Corinna Kopf was banned from Twitch for a year-old clip where she wore clothing similar to that in this Instagram photo.

With Twitch coming under fire for a slew of controversial moderation decisions as of late, Alinity’s pet scandal marks the latest drama surrounding the platform, with critics across the net calling for her to be banned.

Image Credit: Ninja, Twitch / Alinity Divine, Instagram