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Ninja left speechless after CouRage goes on hilariously epic Fortnite rant

Published: 15/Mar/2019 1:33 Updated: 15/Mar/2019 1:47

by Alan Bernal


Twitch star Tyler ‘Fortnite, but it doesn’t look like he was prepared for the epic rant after fellow streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop was thirsted during a Fortnite match.

As most players know, “thirsting” in a battle royale means finishing off a downed opponent in the middle of an engagement to prevent them from being revived.


CouRage was fighting off two opponents at long-range simultaneously (and winning) when a third player surprised him with a shotgun.

Epic GamesThirsting in the middle of a battle can sometimes draw the ire from some players.

After being downed by the incoming foe, Ninja and co were in hot pursuit to save their friend but didn’t make it in time, leading to CouRage’s hilarious breakdown.


“I’m actually gonna throw something. The Elite Agent skin came out with no face on it and you literally called out sick to your 3rd grade soccer practice to use it. You got so excited to use the skin, homie. Why are you Solo-squading, your kill record is six. You spend your whole day in 1080×1080 stretched res playgrounds 1v1 build-battling your little brother on your mom’s Kindle so you can feel good about yourself.”

(Timestamp at 0:15 for mobile viewers)

Though CouRage was only living up to his name in good fun, his final words in the match left Ninja stunned while wondering what the reaction would be if he would have vented in a similar manner.

“I was gonna say, ‘imagine if Ninja said that,’’ Ninja joked. “That would be talked about for like ever.”


Though thirsting can have some strategic logic to it, it didn’t seem like CouRage was prepared to commend his opponent for getting the best of him.


Twitch streamer shocked after viewer sends him 126 lbs of cranberry sauce

Published: 8/Oct/2020 1:02

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer ‘TheStockGuy’ was left speechless after receiving 126 lbs of cranberry sauce in the mail from one of his viewers in a hilarious prank.

Twitch is one of the net’s most popular live streaming platforms, and rightfully so; the site is home to a slew of hilarious and shocking moments that happen in real-time, from everything to doors falling on unlucky streamers in the middle of video games to viewers rescuing streamers’ trapped cats.


However, some of these on-stream occurrences are downright strange, and many streamers have received the odd occasional gift from their viewers, including that time when Pokimane received a body pillow with a photo of herself on it.

While streamers having a public P.O. Box to receive gifts from fans is not uncommon, very often the things they receive are; and Twitch streamer TheStockGuy became the subject of a seriously weird present of sorts.

Pokimane, Twitch
Twitch: Pokimane
Twitch star “Pokimane” has received a slew of strange gifts from fans – one of which was a body pillow with her own face on it.

During an October 6 broadcast, TheStockGuy — who has gained notoriety on the platform for educating his viewers about finances and the stock market — revealed he’d been sent 126 lbs of Ocean Spray brand cranberry sauce.

“What is wrong with you people?” the streamer asked, seeming genuinely baffled by the situation. “Somebody sent me 126 lbs of cranberry sauce! What — where am I supposed to put this? Isn’t there some charity or something this money could go to?”

Although the he appeared to be utterly flummoxed by the viewers’ decision, he decided to make the best of the unexpected prank, stating that he would donate the sauce to his local food bank for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.


“I mean — you know what? Joke’s on you!” he continued. “I’m giving this to the local food shelter for thanksgiving, so they don’t have to purchase cranberry sauce! That’s right — we’re making something good out of this!”

It seems that TheStockGuy’s viewers found the scenario to be completely hilarious — and while it certainly is worth a hearty chuckle, it’s good to know that the broadcaster is putting his viewer’s practical joke to good use, in the end.