Ninja admits his biggest regret after reaching Twitch success

by Virginia Glaze


Massively popular Fortnite player Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is one of the most popular personalities in the gaming scene, having rung in the New Year with his own event in Times Square - but not everything is sunshine and roses for the live streaming celeb.

Ninja’s notoriety transcends that of the usual livestreamer: the Fortnite star has been featured on late night television shows, rubbed elbows with music greats like rapper Drake and EDM star Marshmello, and even held a massive live event in Times Square to ring in the 2019 New Year.


Despite Ninja’s skyrocketing success, he is human, after all, and aired out some of his grievances about his occupation in a brutally honest Tweet on June 28.

Ninja, instagram
Ninja, instagram
Despite being one of the net's most popular gaming personalities, Ninja's grind to become one of the top streamers has left him with a big regret.

Ninja explained that his accomplishments didn’t happen overnight: rather, they were the result of steady grinding, but left a major gap in the time he was able to spend with his friends and family as he rose to Twitch fame.


“When you’re young, you grind like there is nothing else in your life,” he wrote. “But one thing I learned growing up... is I wish I spent more time with family and friends. BUT I wouldn't be where I am now, it took that time early on... find the balance.”

Ninja wasn’t the only streamer to speak on the issue; other personalities had similar sentiments, with the likes of FaZe Cizzorz echoing his thoughts on the matter.

“This,” he replied. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m still young, but I felt this Tweet.”


Ninja’s success hasn’t exactly made him everyone’s favorite streamer, though: Blevins addressed a series of memes concerning his alleged hoard of wealth during a broadcast in late May, claiming that fans should support their favorite content creators regardless of how much money they apparently make.

“No matter what, you just support people who you support,” he said of the matter. “If you want to subscribe to a stream, subscribe to a stream. You should never do anything just because of how much money someone makes.”

Ninja is one of Twitch’s most popular live streamers, boasting over 14 million followers on the site as of June 28.