NIJISANJI’s Mashiro forced to redebut as first YouTube channel remains banned

NIJISANJI VTuber Mashiro performing concertYouTube: NIJISANJI

Despite NIJISANJI’s best efforts to recover Mashiro’s first YouTube channel following its permanent suspension, the Japanese VTuber has been forced to redebut on a second channel ⁠— essentially starting with a clean slate.

NIJISANJI’s Mashiro has been forced to start from square one after his original YouTube channel has been deemed unrecoverable.

The male VTuber, who once boasted 370,000 subscribers on the platform, was banned on June 8 for an unknown reason. The agency did state a change in policy had affected some channels with a number of creators taking down their ASMR videos as a result.

While NIJISANJI was working with YouTube to try and overturn Mashiro’s ban, the agency was ultimately unsuccessful. However, after a month-long break, the male VTuber is returning anew with a redebut on July 8 on a brand new channel.

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“We have opened a new channel due to the suspension of Mashiro’s channel,” the agency said on Twitter. “We apologize for the inconvenience to our fans. We look forward to your continued support for Mashiro.”

The liver himself has been relatively quiet on the situation. He posted a red-tinted photo of himself in a forest on June 17 with the caption “please wait” following his suspension, but that’s it.

Mashiro has lost practically all of his videos since his debut dating back to December 2019. The only remnants that remain are certain collabs or clips on other channels, but nothing on his original YouTube account.

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YouTube’s policy around channel terminations does state “if your channel or account is terminated, you may be unable to use, own, or create any other YouTube channels.” It remains to be seen whether the platform will continue cracking down on Mashiro with his one banned account.

Despite this, Mashiro has already managed to regain more than 65,000 subscribers ahead of his July 8 redebut, with the numbers flying up by the hour in anticipation of his ‘first broadcast’.