NELK Boys’ Kyle discovers he’s wanted by police in drunk-driving prank

. 2 years ago
NELK Boys prank police with fake beer on YouTube
YouTube: NELK Boys

NELK boys’ Kyle Forgeard was surprised to find out that he has an arrest warrant out of Ohio in the group’s latest video – while they were pranking the police.

The popular group of pranksters, known as the NELK Boys, have built a massive online following with over 4 million subscribers on YouTube for their entertaining videos.

In their August 17 video, they drove around Los Angeles in a self-driving Tesla drinking non-alcoholic Heineken beers, like they had previously done during their trip to Florida in June – a prank which racked up almost 7 million views on YouTube.

NELK Boys' Kyle Forgeard
Instagram: Kyle Forgeard
Police told Kyle the warrant was for in-state pickup.

They were pulled over twice by police, and the second time Kyle was asked to step out of the vehicle after trying to finish the beer in front of the police officer, who pulled the bottle out of his mouth.

NELK are no strangers to getting involved with the police, whether its playing pranks on them, actually getting arrested or going to court. One of the group’s more recent run-ins with police led to an actual arrest in Mississippi in May after an attempted prank in Target.

While the boys were let free, they revealed that they had been charged for disturbing the peace and would be going to court.

This time, however, it was only Kyle who appeared to be in trouble. The officer said “have you ever been to Ohio? It says you have a warrant out of Ohio, but it’s only for in-state pickup.” Later on, Kyle calls his lawyer for advice and theorizes that “I don’t know if it’s for a traffic ticket.”

At the very beginning of the episode, NELK also addressed the controversies surrounding their suggestions that Jason ‘905 Shooter’ Pagaduan, their old videographer, might have returned.

NELK was forced to fire him after three years with their Full Send company, claiming he was sending inappropriate messages to girls, and being generally “lazy” behind the scenes.

The statement read: “We read your comments last video. We’re only here because of you boys. Criticism noted.”

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