NBA 2K League pros criticize Ninja for “lame” response to poll vs oLARRY2K

Eli Becht
Bucks Gaming - Twitter / Ninja - Twitch

A simple poll for best esports moment for the ESPYS became heated after several NBA 2K League players criticized Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins for encouraging fans to simply vote, instead of encouraging fans to vote for oLARRY2K.

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ESPN has been running a poll on Twitter in an effort to crown the ‘best esports moment’ and the current matchup is Ninja and Marshmello’s victory at the 2018 Fortnite Pro-Am against Timothy ‘oLARRY2K’ Anselimo and his return to the 2K League.

Both moments are very impressive, but given the context of Larry coming back from a shooting on August 28 where a gunman targeted a Madden tournament, many fans are rooting for him. 

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Larry was hurt in the shooting but he didn’t let it stop him from competing and he was able to recover from the injury and compete in the 2K League.

He was picked in the inaugural draft for the 2K League but was found in an horrific situation when he was shot four times during the Madden event. SportsCenter did a feature on him detailing his full story that is worth checking out for more insight into the situation.

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After the shooting, he learned Bucks Gaming, his 2K League team, would not be bringing him back but he ended up being picked up by Twolves Gaming, where he was then traded to Cavs Legion.

Through physical therapy and using a new grip for his controller, he was able to return to the 2K League. 

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His story has been inspiring which is why so many of the players have taken offense with how Ninja has responded to the poll. 

Ninja was way behind in votes but sent out a tweet on July 9 asking fans who love Ninja, Marshmello, and Fortnite to vote for him. 

After realizing who he was up against, he reworded the tweet, asking fans to just simply vote.