Nadeshot pokes fun at Twitch hacker taking over channel: “Get that man some help”

Nadeshot looking at cameraYouTube: Nadeshot

Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has gotten his Twitch account hacked on July 26. With the imposter playing Snake with his new-found fame, the 100 Thieves CEO couldn’t help but poke fun at the terrible gameplay he was witnessing under his name.

Nadeshot is not new to being the victim of social media hackings. In 2018, his PSN and Twitter accounts were stolen. And even before that, in 2015, hackers accessed his YouTube account and deleted his videos.

This time around a hacker targeted the content creator’s Twitch account on July 26. They played a third-party version of Snake, going as far as to display their facecam throughout the stream. The hacker also asked the viewers to send donations to their email.

While it was all going down though, Nadeshot couldn’t help but laugh at the hacker and look beyond the surface level trolling. He mocked the hacker for their terrible gameplay.

“That boy was straight ass at snake… Good grief get that man some help,” he said on Twitter.

The content creator seems relatively calm. This is not to undersell the severity of the situation, but Nadeshot is accustomed to these predicaments.

“I’ve done my time. I’m [an] old man, please leave me be,” he continued.

Twitch chat also saw the fun in it, with one viewer commenting “mod me before Nadeshot comes back please!”

As of now, Nadeshot’s Twitch account is temporarily unavailable — it was banned to stop the hacker (as well as homophobic language used on stream). But it’s nothing the 100 Thieves CEO can’t recuperate from. Expect Nadeshot’s account to be back up and running as soon as Twitch manages to patch things up.