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Nadeshot fires back after 100 Thieves merch collection criticism

Published: 27/Feb/2020 3:39 Updated: 27/Feb/2020 9:52

by Brad Norton


While 100 Thieves has grown a reputation for releasing some of the most popular merchandise in the entire esports industry, the latest drop got a mixed reaction, leading Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag to respond throughout his latest video.

Having been on a roll throughout the start of 2020 with major Fortnite signings in Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen and Brodie “Rehx” Franks, as well as officially lifting the lid on a new facility in Los Angeles, 100 Thieves latest announcement hasn’t been received quite as well as the organization might have hoped.

While all previous merchandise collections from the brand have sold out in a matter of minutes, the latest from 100 Thieves seems had a more muted response, leading to an explanation from CEO Nadeshot.


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The aptly titled ‘100 Thieves Numbers Collection’ is set to release on February 29 and marks the first time in company history that clothing will be available for purchase both online and in-store at their new facility.

With nine unique items, it also serves as the single biggest collection to date, however, some fans of the organization appeared unsatisfied upon seeing the new shirts, pants, and headwear, for the first time.

Nadeshot was quick to address concerns throughout his February 26 vlog where he explained why the in-store release is “the most important day of [his] life.”

“I know that you guys have your own styles and own tastes, and I promise you that will change over time,” he expressed. “Maybe it won’t change with mine,  that’s totally fine. But this is what I love and this is what I’m proud of.


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Addressing recent criticism, he explained how the company has faced similar feedback in the past after releasing “apparel that didn’t resonate right away.”

“I have read your feedback and I know some of you don’t believe that this is what should be representing 100 Thieves.  You guys have to understand we have an entire year of apparel ready to be rolled out. This is what we decided we wanted to roll out first, and I’m proud of this.”

“It’s okay if it doesn’t fit your parameters in your head on what your style is,” he added, directly responding to fans that slammed the latest drop online. 


“Apparel, clothing, art, taste, change, it’s all subjective. Everyone is going to have their own opinion and that’s okay.”

The relevant discussion begins at the 3:50 mark for mobile readers.

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The Numbers Collection was praised by some fans for its simplicity, but even some high-profile individuals in the industry responded sarcastically.

G2 Esports CEO Carlos Rodríguez jokingly responded with a hasty edit of his own, placing ‘G2’ branding over each piece of merch and simply stating that he had “fixed it.”

Twitter: CarlosR
The G2 branding replaced 100 Thieves throughout this mockery.

The latest from 100 Thieves will be made available for purchase online at 12PM PT on February 29. If you happen to live in LA, however, you can head down to the in-store release from 10AM PT onwards.