MrBeast reveals why he paid $1 million for night at a hotel

MrBeast TMG PodcastYouTube: TMG Studios

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has revealed that he once paid $1,000,000 for a night at a hotel while explaining the basis for a video he just filmed.

MrBeast’s YouTube videos have become increasingly more expensive throughout the years as he continues to grow on the platform.

For example, his viral Squid Game video set him and his team back over $3.5 million.

On a recent episode of the TMG Podcast with Cody Ko and Noel Miller, MrBeast shared the idea behind a future video that saw him paying $1M a night for a hotel.

MrBeast reveals that he paid $1M for a hotel

While talking to MrBeast, Cody Ko asked the YouTuber if there was an idea he wants to do soon. Jimmy was drawing a blank in regards to a new idea but shared one that they just finished filming.

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“In a video we just filmed, I started at the cheapest hotel we could find and went up to the most expensive hotel,” he explained. “So a $1 hotel all the way up to a $1M hotel. That video was wildly expensive.”

He went on to explain that the luxury hotel was actually a giant castle and that they do a drone show and they bring in a celebrity chef to give you a giant meal.

(Topic starts at 33:47 in the video)

Although he said he just filmed this video, it’s safe to assume that it has to be edited still — so it’s hard to tell when it’ll be uploaded to his channel.

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