MrBeast reveals why he needs to photoshop himself for YouTube thumbnails

Shay Robson
MrBeast before going bald

YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has revealed exactly why he now needs to photoshop himself for thumbnails when making new YouTube videos, and the reason is just as bizarre as you’d expect.

Known for his wacky challenges and giving away millions, MrBeast is one of the biggest YouTube creators in the world.

Boasting an impressive following of almost 100M subscribers on his main channel alone, Jimmy isn’t a stranger to spending whatever he needs to make a viral video. While the video concept might be great, a lot of work goes into optimizing the video on YouTube.

A crucial factor behind a video being a success is the thumbnail. Now, the YouTube star has explained why he needs to edit himself when making them.

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MrBeast is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, boasting millions of subscribers across multiple channels – some of which cater to non-English speaking audiences.

In his most recent video, the 24-year-old YouTuber attempted to go a whole 30 days without eating anything. But, in typical MrBeast fashion, there was of course a forfeit if he was to fail.

While his friends teased him with delicious food, Jimmy surprisingly got off to a good start. However after going over 310 hours without eating, he cracked after celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay cooked up some mouthwatering scrambled eggs.

As a result, the YouTube star was forced to shave off all his hair and go bald. But, he didn’t exactly think of the implications it could cause.

As revealed in a July 22 tweet, MrBeast now has to photoshop hair on his head for his YouTube thumbnails. “One negative of shaving my head that I didn’t think of is now I have to photoshop hair on my head for thumbnails or people won’t realize it’s a MrBeast video,” the tweet read.

With him closing in on 100M subscribers, we’re sure long-time fans will recognize him enough to click on new videos. However, it could certainly cause implications for those not too familiar with the creator.