MrBeast responds to backlash that his video giving away 20,000 shoes is “not charity”

MrBeast in black shirt and gray hat holding black pair of shoes and talking to cameraYouTube: MrBeast

YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has responded to criticism around his newest charity video, as he provides 20,000 children in South Africa with their first pair of shoes.

Over the last few years, MrBeast has become the king of YouTube, pushing past the 100 million subscriber mark and dethroning PewDiePie at the backend of 2022.

The YouTube star’s high-stakes challenge videos are what helped push him over the line, but he’s also been known for his charitable work too. He’s had his Team Trees and Team Seas projects, but he also helped cure 1,000 of their curable blindness in late January with his Beast Philanthropy charity. Though, that sparked backlash as critics claimed he was just doing it for views

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He followed that up on March 8, with a video of him, his team, and charities providing 20,000 children with their first pair of shoes. Though, some have also criticized that in the same way.

MrBeast responds to critics of his 20,000 shoes charity video

Clips of the YouTuber’s newest video were shared on social media, with some viewers challenging him to help a charitable cause “without making it public/video” and claiming it wasn’t “really charity.”

The latter critique sparked a response from MrBeast on March 9. No hate, you prob just haven’t seen this channel but it actually is a charity, and I obviously don’t profit from it,” the YouTuber said. 

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“100% of all revenue from beast philanthropy goes towards running my food banks and helping ease human suffering, and since inception I’ve personally put in millions into beast philanthropy. That’s the whole point, make content around helping people to generate more money to help more people.”

The YouTuber’s response has drawn plenty of praise from fans, with a number of South Africans thanking him for what he’s done as well to help their compatriots. 

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It’s clear that his generosity isn’t going to stop anytime soon either.

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