Jacksepticeye reveals most “uncomfortable” experience he’s had with a creepy fan

JacksepticeyeYouTube: AnthonyPadilla

Long-time YouTuber Sean ‘Jacksepticeye’ McLoughlin has revealed one of the most “uncomfortable” experiences he had with a creepy fan during an interview with Anthony Padilla.

Having created his YouTube channel in 2007, Jacksepticeye is one of the longest-standing creators on the now Google-owned platform.

He stands alongside other prominent creators like PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Rhett & Link.

With his fame, Jack has met a wide variety of fans through the years. During a recent interview with Anthony Padilla, he revealed one of the most uncomfortable experiences he’s had throughout his career.

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Jacksepticeye reveals “uncomfortable” fan experience

Uploaded on September 8, Padilla asked the YouTuber about his interactions with fans. He revealed that while 99% of his interactions with fans are great, they aren’t always the best.

“I had it when I split with my ex, there was a lot of like upheaval in the community with people who had like a very specific set standard for what they thought you were,” he explained.

“I was doing a meet and greet and everyone’s so nice and so lovely and then someone came up that I had met the year before and they were taking pictures, telling stories, and then they were like ‘can I ask you a question?'”

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He went on to reveal that the fan leaned in real close before putting their hand on his chest and then whispered in his ear “I wish you stayed single longer.”

(Topic starts at 23:00 in the video)

Jacksepticeye went on to reveal that he normally would try to be accommodating towards fans but after this experience, he just looked them in the eye and ended the conversation.

“That’s the first time I didn’t buckle under or was like ‘Oh I’m so sorry, like what do you mean?’ and tried to find common ground. I was like ‘just bye, that’s so uncomfortable… I don’t care,'” he said.

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