Mr Beast reveals how canceled YouTube video cost him $800k

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YouTube sensation Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson is known for his extravagant, high-cost videos — but he’s now revealed that a recently-canceled three-part YouTube video has cost him $800,000.

Mr Beast usually loses his money from videos in which he gives away expensive prizes, even including a private island, so it is usually well-planned out and, at the very least, his millions of subscribers get to enjoy the content that comes out of it.

Now, Mr Beast has come out to apologize on his second Twitter account for the lack of main channel uploads of late, having not posted a video there since November 28, or for 17 days at the time of writing.

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He also revealed that this is due to a three-part YouTube video, similar to that of the island mentioned above, “falling apart” after they spent weeks on it.

Obviously, this is disappointing for fans of the YouTuber who would’ve loved to see what came of this three-part miniseries and what it was all about.

More disappointing, though, is on Mr Beast’s bank account, which clearly suffered big-time when it came to these videos “falling apart.”

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After a fan asked how much money was essentially wasted putting together these videos, Beast responded that he “spent about $800,000 on the videos that didn’t work out” — which must be a seriously frustrating blow to see the content not come off with such investment.

That works out to over $250k per video and, while we can’t imagine that’s how much Mr Beast spends on every single one, it goes to show that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows if you’re a top YouTuber; this is a seriously devastating amount of money.

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This makes us question just how big the YouTube videos were going to be and, with that kind of investment, we imagine it would’ve made for some seriously fun viewing.

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