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Mr Beast gives limitless credit card to strangers with emotional results

Published: 1/Feb/2020 22:39 Updated: 1/Feb/2020 22:46

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson is known for dropping huge chunks of change on unwitting bystanders, but his latest upload gave them the reigns to his entire bank account — with a secret twist.

Hailed as YouTube’s biggest philanthropist, Mr Beast’s videos often feature the content creator tipping wait staff in gold bars, surprising college students with suitcases full of money, and even opening free car dealerships.

However, his February 1 video saw him dole out a limitless credit card to complete strangers in random stores, with a catch — they were told to stay under the card’s unnamed limit (even though there wasn’t one).


MrBeast, Instagram
Mr Beast is a huge name on YouTube, thanks to his generous social experiments that drop huge amounts of cash on unwitting bystanders.

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While the video featured the usual excitement from people being gifted free items, their social experiment got emotional after Donaldson pulled aside a man on the street, who he took into a nearby jewelry store to spend some change.

This wasn’t any ordinary scenario, though: as it happens, the stranger’s mother is suffering from stage 4 cancer, and he hoped to gift her a few diamonds during her struggle against the disease.

Mr Beast, YouTube
One lucky stranger in Mr Beast’s February 1 video got the ultimate chance to thank his mother with an expensive jewelry piece.

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The stranger’s total was well below the $10k mark, which the jewelry dealer graciously marked down, as his own brother had also been taken by the illness.


His haul came complete with a black diamond necklace and two pinky rings, prompting an emotional spiel thanking the YouTuber for his generosity.

“I feel very blessed that I could do something for my mother, and that I could give something to her before she goes,” he explained. “And that matters to me the most.”

(Segment begins at 7:05 for mobile readers)

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That wasn’t the end of the tears, either: one of Mr Beast’s assistants, Andrew, was also caught by the YouTuber’s squad, who completely purchased a new van he’d been considering buying in a used car lot.


“I’m just really thrown,” Andre said, wiping tears from his eyes. “Keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re making a whole lot of people happy.”

Mr Beast, YouTube
Mr Beast tricked bystanders into thinking his credit card had a limit, warning them that if they passed the amount, their items would be put back on the shelf.

Tears are a normal part of Mr Beast’s content, thanks to his charitable exploits; but there’s no denying that the YouTuber is changing lives with nearly every upload.