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Mizkif reveals massive changes coming to YouTube channel for daily uploads

Published: 12/Mar/2022 10:01 Updated: 12/Mar/2022 10:14

by Sam Comrie


Twitch streamer star Mizkif has revealed his YouTube channel will cease uploading huge waves of content for the foreseeable future, amid plans to re-evaluate his content output. 

Over the last few years, Mizkif has become one of Twitch’s most recognizable streamers, known for collaborating often with other streamers in a number of wacky and different ways.

Using YouTube since 2019 as a means to expand his fanbase and content, fans of Mizkif use the platform to view highlights of the creator’s streams that they may have missed at the time.

However, Mizkif has announced a major change for his fanbase, as his YouTube channel embarks on a fresh path going forward.


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YouTube: Mizkif
Mizkif has been uploading to YouTube since June 2019.

Mizkif shares the future of his channel in “final upload”

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel titled ‘My Final Upload,’ Mizkif made it clear to his fans this video wasn’t an exaggeration of any kind.

In an opening statement, the creator said: “This will be the most important video I make on my channel and this is not clickbait.

“I’ve been making content on this channel now for three years…three years filled with amazing content that I truly do believe is some of the best that you will see on Twitch TV,” continued Mizkif.

Despite his self-declared admiration for the things his content has achieved, Mizkif admitted he feels his YouTube channel is “drowning” in waves of “filler” content. The content creator says he is keen to “change” and wants “you to love and watch my videos.”


“I hear people say all the time that they didn’t see a big video that came out, because their feed just gets spammed by my videos constantly,” the streamer added.

Going forward, Mizkif declared that he will be “only uploading one video a day” in a bid to increase quality control within his videos.

The streaming star is aware this could “hurt” his channel but is committed to bringing “good content” to his fans in the future.