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Mizkif pretends to be Amouranth’s bodyguard in hilarious IRL stream

Published: 12/Mar/2020 0:41

by Brent Koepp


Twitch star Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo collaborated with Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa for her March 11 IRL stream, where he comically pretended to “moderate” the real world.

Twitch has a variety of popular streaming personalities that draw in large audiences to their platform. However, sometimes streamers will come together to collaborate much to their viewers’ excitement.

This is what happened during Amouranth’s March 11 broadcast, when Mizkif and Esfand joined her in-real-life session. And things took a hilarious turn when they began to act like her bodyguards and moderate the public.

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Mizkif becomes Amouranth’s IRL moderator

The two popular streamers teamed up for an IRL broadcast where they went out shopping at a local store. However while waiting in line to check out with their items, an employee asked Amouranth what she was doing with the camera.


“Is that a camera?” they asked, to which the Twitch star responded, “Yeah, on the phone. We do like streaming and vlogging and stuff. That’s our job.” Mizkif then cut in and hilariously said “That’s her job.  We just pay for stuff!”

The group then began to walk around the female streamer with their gaming headsets on, and claimed to be her bodyguards. “Just moderate the area,” Esfand told Mizkif, as the two circled the around pretending to be her protection.

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While most of her chat was in hysterics over their antics, a couple of viewers in her chat were not too pleased with her collaboration broadcast. The streamer then roasted the concerned members of her audience.


“One of my viewers just typed in your chat ‘These guys are not meant for you Amouranth, you need to leave!'” Mizkif told her. She then replied “That sounds like any time I leave my house ever. They are like ‘You need to go home, where you are safe and not going to find a soulmate that isn’t me!’ That is what they are all about.”

Despite the naysayers, the IRL broadcast continued with the group having a great time. Earlier in the stream, Amouranth revealed that a question she gets asked all the time is “What do you do for fun besides stream?” which caused everyone to break out into laughter. She added “People always ask me that question!”

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Collaborative broadcasts can bring in big viewership numbers, as streaming personalities working side-by-side also means bringing their large audiences together.

The IRL meetup between Amouranth and Mizkif pulled in over 10k viewers at one point. At the time of writing both stars have over 1.8 million followers on the platform combined.