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Mixer respond to Dr Disrespect after he appeared to roast Twitch’s rival

Published: 5/Jan/2020 12:29

by Andy Williams


Popular Twitch streamer, Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm, attempted to roast the streaming home of Ninja and shroud, but Mixer’s social media team weren’t having any of it.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ Mixer move back in August 2019 triggered a cascade of popular streamers jumping ship. From Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek following suit, to the likes of Corinna Kopf taking her talents over to Facebook Gaming

The net result has rendered the streaming world on the edge of their seats. to see which big name will be next to make a switch. One streaming giant whose loyalties are tied to their streaming roots is none other than the ‘Two-Time champion,’ Dr Disrespect.


PUBG (Twitter)Two have gone, while one remains: Dr Disrespect (far left) has stayed true to his Twitch roots.

As the self-proclaimed ‘face of Twitch’, the Doc has long been a fixture of the Amazon-owned streaming platform. Having previously stated that Mixer approached him before Ninja and shroud, Beahm squashed rumors that he’d be among the next to jump ship based on the metrics which Twitch bring in. 

Given Twitch’s current position as the go-to site to see the most famous streamers, engagement is rife — and with engagement comes money. So it’s no wonder why the Doc has pledged his allegiance to Twitch.

In his latest bid to poke fun in Mixer’s direction, he posted a Tweet asking: “Is Mixer still around?” Three minutes later, the social media guru over at Microsoft’s streaming platform clapped back with a GIF with Breaking Bad’s cold-blooded protagonist, Walter White.

The GIF read: “You’re god damn right,” a famous quote from the blockbuster AMC series. 


Of course, Beahm is simply ushering in the new decade the same way that he left the last. Having released an impromptu Mixer parody during his Christmas Eve broadcast, his feelings towards Microsoft’s streaming platform remain consistent.

Dr Disrespect has previously hinted that Twitch invested more into keeping him on the platform over Ninja and shroud, which cemented his talents to Amazon’s platform. Meanwhile, the Mixer pair are struggling to pull in anywhere close to the views which they were easily getting on Twitch. 

While we might not see the Doc over on Mixer any time soon, you can watch his long-lost brother – well, not really, but the pair do have an uncanny resemblance.