Metallica faces backlash over past comments amid Stranger Things fame

Kawter Abed

Metallica is facing backlash from some ‘Stranger Things’ fans, over comments they made in the past.

The heavy metal band got a boost of popularity among younger music fans, after ‘Stranger Things‘ played their song ‘Master of Puppets’ during a crucial scene.

However, the veteran band is currently facing controversy from young fans who have just discovered them. The new generation of music fans are now trying to cancel Metallica over “problematic” comments they made in the past.

Metallica’s past controversies resurface

It all started last week, when TikToker Serena Trueblood called them out in a video. The content creator uses her platform to discuss various artists and past controversies linked to them, and over the weekend, she chose to cover Metallica’s problematic past.

In the clip, which already has over 265,000 views, Trueblood details how former bassist Jason Newsted appeared to do a Nazi salute onstage. She also shares that the band mocked the then-recent death of Nirvana’s front man, Kurt Cobain, who committed suicide in 1994.

Furthermore, Metallica’s singer James Hetfield was accused of racism, as Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose alleged that Hetfield referred to rapper Ice-T using a racial slur.

‘Stranger Things’ fans want to cancel Metallica

The comment section of the original video is currently turned off. However, screenshots show that it was filled with young ‘Stranger Things’ fans wanting to “cancel” the band for their past scandals.

A recent viral tweet, by user hendrixnroses, reads: “Stranger things/Eddie stans trying to cancel metallica now for their problematic past is funny to me idc.”

The tweet shows two screenshots from the comment section of Trueblood’s TikTok video.

“I LITERALLY ripped the tag off my Metallica shirt half an hour ago :(” one fan commented under the original video.

“God I wish I watched this before I bought my Metallica shirt” another fan added.

While new fans were disappointed with the band’s past controversies, older fans in the replies sided with Metallica.

“Not Axl Rose being used as a source for Metallica getting canceled, he’s literally known as one of the worst people in the industry.” someone wrote.

“Bands like the Beatles and Metallica are honestly too influential to be ‘canceled’ like they’re literally institutions in music and culture ??? You can’t cancel them for the past” another person quipped.

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