Man says he was “scammed” by Panera and their $15 portion sizes

Molly Byrne
man says he was "scammed" by PaneraTikTok: matt_epstein

After taking his Panera order to-go, a man was shocked to see how small the $15 portion sizes were.

Ordering food to-go can be tricky — sometimes there are photos of the menu items online and other times there aren’t.

However, even when there are descriptive photos, the meal itself doesn’t always size up to it.

So, when TikToker Matt expected to get a hefty portion size of Panera’s new teriyaki chicken bowl, he was shocked when he saw just how minimal it was — later saying to his TikTok following that he felt he was “scammed.”

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Viewers compare Panera’s portion sizes to a “$3 lean cuisine”

Matt was eager to order Panera’s teriyaki chicken bowl after seeing its promotion for having just been added to the menu.

Though he was “quite surprised” at the $15 price of the meal, Matt was curious about its taste, so he ordered the bowl to go.

However, when he pulled the container of rice, chicken, and broccoli out, the size didn’t quite measure up to its expense.

Holding the to-go container up to his phone, Matt made sure to clarify just how small the portion size was, saying that there was between “six to eight ounces” of food given. 

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He even mentioned being “tricked” by Panera, saying, “I was tricked into one of the biggest scams by this company Panera Bread.”

Matt also claimed that Panera must be struggling financially, saying, “This company must be in serious trouble. Otherwise, I don’t understand why they’d be scamming customers like this.”

Those who saw his viral TikTok explainer took to his comments to iterate similar feelings about Panera’s portion sizes and prices, saying that they would “never again” buy food from the company because it’s gotten to be too expensive.

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One viewer even joked about the meal looking like a “$3 lean cuisine.” While another compared Panera’s menu items to “cafeteria food.”

Though Matt did say he felt “scammed,” he has not commented on whether or not he’ll give Panera another chance.

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