Man has absolutely savage way of dealing with annoying plane passenger Suhyeon Choi, TikTok: ericgoldie

A man is going viral on TikTok for his savage way of handling a passenger during a flight who wouldn’t stop opening his window shade from behind his seat.

Although flying might be the most convenient way to travel long distances, it certainly isn’t the most stress-free method out there. Crowded terminals, long security lines, and cramped seats all make the experience less than ideal.

However, annoying passengers might take the cake for making one’s flight a miserable time… and one man’s flight had an infuriating passenger who made him go viral.

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TikToker Eric Goldie often records his experiences traveling abroad, and that includes his time spent on airplanes. He received a comment from a viewer who claimed that she put her shade down during a 6 AM flight — and a woman behind her kept opening it up, sending bright light into the cabin.

“I almost got arrested,” she joked.

Man goes viral for slapping plane passenger’s hand away from window shade

It looks like Eric Goldie had a similar experience, as he uploaded a video of someone doing almost the exact same thing. In the video, an elderly woman reaches from behind his seat to lift up the window shade — but Goldie slaps her hand away and lowers it.

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This happens twice, and shocked viewers couldn’t believe “the audacity” of the woman sitting behind him. Thus far, the clip has garnered over 5 million views and a lot of outrage.

“Can’t they open their own window?” one user asked, incredulous.

“I get so confused when the window is 50/50 between seats. Who owns it?” another asked.

“Who has the audacity to try MULTIPLE TIMES after being told no?!” yet another questioned.

tiktoker slaps womans hand away on flight window copyTikTok: ericgoldie

However, not everyone was on the TikToker’s side. In fact, one user clapped back that the “rule” is shades go up in daylight, and down at night, saying people “pay to see the view…” but Goldie wasn’t so sure about that.

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“No. People have paid to get from point A to point B. By that logic, a window seat should cost more. And it does not,” he hit back.

eric goldie reply copyTikTok: ericgoldie

This is just the latest airplane moment to go viral on TikTok after a woman was escorted off a plane after saying she hoped its passengers would “crash and die.”

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