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Tyler1’s girlfriend Macaiyla gets attacked by mic while streaming

Published: 4/Sep/2019 5:51 Updated: 4/Sep/2019 6:21

by Isaac McIntyre


Plenty of League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1‘ Steinkamp’s girlfriend Macaiyla seems to be a magnet to issues with her mic stand in recent times.

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Macaiyla was innocently speaking to her Twitch chat about global twitch extensions on her September 3 stream, after it was revealed that she hadn’t used them at all yet.

Just as the popular variety streamer began explaining herself, her microphone stand sprung into action, swiping just past her face and shocking her into silence. As the stand banged to the floor, Macaiyla’s video cut from her stunned face to an error image from Twitch.


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After returning her stream and replacing all the fallen pieces, the frustrated Twitch star explained why she had been having problems with the flailing stand recently.

“This mic is hooked up to this rod, which is hooked up to there (the edge of the desk),” she said. “This does not stay, I don’t know why but it just doesn’t lock. It just goes back up.”

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Hilariously, as soon as she touched the mic in her demonstration video it dipped down and was knocked out of place again, sparking her back into a short rage.


After yelling about her less-than par streaming equipment for a moment, she returned to chatting to her followers and playing games.

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Unluckily for Macaiyla, the first instance of her stand attacking her wasn’t the only time she was going to struggle with it. As she played through the horror game Silver Chains, the stand attempted to snap up again. This time she caught it, and seemed to have averted the crisis.

Then, seconds later, it snapped back up again, hitting her on the face for a second time and sending her stream back to the Twitch error code it had coughed up the first time. 


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Considering she’s now 0-2 against the mic stand, and maybe 1-2 if you’re generous about her stopping the spring-loaded pole during her horror-game stream, it’s probably high time for Macaiyla to invest in some new equipment.

Unfortunately for her, it’s possible her boyfriend Tyler1 can’t afford a wedding ring, so she may have to buy a working stand out of her own pocket instead.