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M0xyy rages at Twitch staff for removing his 5head emotes

Published: 22/Mar/2020 19:17 Updated: 22/Mar/2020 20:02

by Michael Gwilliam


Popular streamer ‘m0xyy’ called out Twitch staff after they removed his 5head emotes – something he found quite hypocritical.

During a March 21 broadcast, where the streamer was trying out the new Overwatch hero, Echo, he was asked about why Twitch took issue with his emotes by a member of his chat.

“The reason why a fifth of my emotes were removed was because they were ‘5head,’” he replied. “Even if they were edited 5heads, they said that 5head is from 4head, and they own 4head.”

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The global Twitch emote 4head features League of Legends streamer Cadberry smiling, and is used as a reactionary reply to a joke.


Edited global emotes are fairly common on Twitch. For instance, Dr Disrespect has a modified LUL emote called ‘doctorLUL,’ which depicts the viral streamer laughing.

“Yeah, I don’t know, dude,” m0xyy continued, clearly still bewildered at the decision. “All I’m saying is that I see other streamers with copy-paste Twitch emotes, but with their own twist to it, and it’s fine.”

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As the streamer got into a defensive position to begin the round of Overwatch, he continued to voice his disappointment with Twitch.

“I guarantee you most people didn’t even know 5head was from 4head,” he added. “Like, they don’t look similar at all, nor are they used in any similar context or manner.”


Just as the round was about to begin, the streamer turned up the heat and blasted the Twitch staff who made the call to remove the emotes.

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“It’s just f**king r*****ed!” he exclaimed. “It’s f**king r*****ed, dude. I don’t know who… like out of all the things they could be doing right now, they decide to remove [my emotes].”

With that, the round began and the streamer started to concentrate on the game instead of dwelling on his issues with the platform.

In any case, it’s probably not in the interest of any aspiring streamer to edit pre-existing emotes at the risk of Twitch removing them.