Lyft driver goes crazy at passenger in viral clip after claiming he has a flat tire

Lyft driver goes crazy at passenger in viral clip after claiming he has a flat tireTIKTOK: rickywilliams303

A Lyft driver went viral on TikTok as he allegedly pretended to have a flat tire to avoid driving his passenger.

Ricky Williams posted a video showing his Lyft driver telling the passenger he “better get out” of his car, and stating that his ride would be canceled.

The TikToker noted that upon seeing him, the driver suddenly said that he couldn’t give him a ride because his car had a flat tire.

He also told Ricky to “get the f**k away from” his vehicle, and threatened to call the police on the rider.

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“You must be crazy to stand in front of somebody’s car,” the driver said in the clip, which has amassed 1.5 million views. “I’m not your Lyft driver no more.”

When Ricky asked what he meant by that, the man continued yelling at him as he got back in his car. He drove away ultimately, despite claiming that his tire was flat.

“Throwback to when my Lyft driver saw me come outside and all of a sudden had a ‘flat’ tire,” a text overlay on the TikTok read. “Man I just wanted a ride home,” Ricky wrote in a caption for the video.

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In the comments, many users were happy the TikToker didn’t drive with the man, as he did not seem safe to be around.

“Honestly I’m glad you are safe. It doesn’t feel like it would have been safe to stay in his car,” one user said. “You don’t wanna ride with him anyway please don’t,” another agreed.

“I’m sorry but I wouldn’t even attempt to get into his car after he got out,” a third wrote.

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Others suspected that the Lyft driver’s reluctance had to do with the fact that Ricky’s a Black man.

“In this day and age is f**king wild. Sorry, you went through that,” one commented.

“Racial discrimination smh,” another shared. “How are you racist working a public serving job that isn’t race inclusive,” a third added.

This is just the latest ride-hailing-related moment to go viral on TikTok, after a passenger got kicked out of her Uber when her boyfriend canceled her ride mid-trip.

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