Ludwig hits out at “late great” FaZe Clan’s board of directors amid Teeqo controversy

Ludwig FaZe ClanYouTube: MogulMail

Social media celeb Ludwig has hit out at FaZe Clan’s board of directors, questioning those involved at the very top while the iconic gaming brand continues its decline amid yet another wave of controversy spurred on by Teeqo.

FaZe Clan has been in the news a great deal lately, though not for the reasons they’d prefer. From staggering layoffs to an ever-plummeting stock price, and now, multiple former members speaking out against the company, it’s been more FaZe Down than it has FaZe Up.

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Most recently, we saw longstanding member Teeqo make a public statement criticizing the team for stringing him along without a deal, while neglecting veterans of the team in favor of newer signees.

Having since blown up across social media for this new outburst, fellow internet celeb Ludwig has chimed in on the clan’s latest dealings. From his perspective, the issues all stem from what he argues is an out-of-touch board of directors at the very top.

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FaZe Clan stock priceGoogle
FaZe Clan’s stock price has only continued to drop since the company went public.

“FaZe is not what they used to be,” Ludwig began in his March 16 video. Where back in its prime, FaZe Clan was among the biggest content creators online, in large part due to their iconic Call of Duty montages and innovative FaZe House videos, the same atmosphere no longer exists, he argued.

“That’s not what they are anymore and that point was driven home really well by Teeqo. He was rightfully upset in his video.”

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Diving into the details, Ludwig shared a list of current directors on the board for FaZe Clan. Not featured among the 14 listed names, only five of which actively work for the company, were any original members that built the brand into what it is today.

“Why is Snoop Dogg on the board of directors, when I don’t see a single one of the original members here?” Ludwig questioned. “The average age of this board is like 50. What the f*** do these guys know about how to run an esports org? Well, I think we know the answer based on the stock price, they know jack f***ing sh**.”

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Then focusing his sights on current expenditure, Ludwig claimed the writing may very well be on the wall for FaZe as they “burn through” a reported $43.9m USD per year, a rate that can only support the company through until November 2023, according to Forbes.

Pouring salt in the gaping wound, Ludwig concluded his video by highlighting a Valorant Challengers matchup pitting his very own team Moist Moguls against FaZe Clan. Looking to “kick the late great FaZe Clan while they’re down,” his squad managed just that, walking over FaZe with a 2-0 win on March 16.

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