Love Is Blind’s Alexa Lemieux claps back at online comments about her body

Alexa Lemieux from Love Is BlindInstagram: @mrsalexalemieux

Former Love Is Blind contestant Alexa Lemieux is not standing for online haters harassing her.

Alexa Lemieux is most known for starring in Season 3 of Love Is Blind, where she met her partner Brennon Lemieux. The couple got married in the finale episode of their season back in 2021 and are still happily married to this day.

Recently, Alexa has been receiving body-shaming comments on her social media, with people even questioning if she is pregnant because of her apparent weight gain. 

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With a new Instagram post, she seems to have put the haters to rest once and for all.

Did Love Is Blind’s Alexa Lemieux respond to body comments?

Alexa took to social media a few days ago to clap back at the weight comments with a message on body positivity.

She wrote that, “I haven’t talked about my body on here in awhile, because I’m honestly so sick of it being a conversation. I’m tired of people guessing if I’m pregnant or not. I’m tired of people telling me either I’ve lost or gained weight. I’ve been focusing on my happiness and more important things than my size. It’s taken years for me to love myself at any size that I am.”

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Alexa closed out the post in a witty way and wrote, “Carbs and personality got me here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Several reality tv stars have commented their support for her under the Instagram message, including Love Is Blind Season 4’s Bliss Goytowski.

She wrote, “You are an inspiration, Alexa!”

Daniele Gates from 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise also chimed in and wrote, “All.Of.This”. 

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