LOTR fan meets Ian McKellen while dressed as Gandalf during pub crawl

Ian McKellen GandalfWarner Bros.

A LOTR fan dressed up as Gandalf for his birthday – and had a chance encounter with actor Ian McKellen during a pub crawl.

As one of the most beloved characters in popular culture, Lord of the Rings’ Gandalf is always an easy cosplay choice.

Sir Ian McKellen began his journey as the wizard in 2001’s Fellowship of the Ring. Since then, he’s played the character several more times in films and video games.

Interestingly enough, the legendary performer had a chance run-in with another Gandalf while walking the streets of Bristol in England.

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LOTR fan dressed as Gandalf randomly bumps into Ian McKellen

TikToker scarletlearmonth recently posted a video of her friend, Ben Coyles, meeting Ian McKellen in England. Coyles was enjoying a night on the town with friends to celebrate his 22nd birthday when the surprise meeting occurred.

The best part was that Coyles had dressed up for the pub-crawling festivities in full Gandalf garb. In the video below, Coyles and McKellen can be seen posing for a few photos together.

Speaking to The Lancashire Telegraph, the TikToker who posted the clip, Scarlet Learmonth, said of the encounter: “It was such a shock, but also a beautiful and magical moment. I am so unbelievably happy for Ben and to be part of this exciting occurrence.”

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Another of Coyles’ friends, Felix Spencer, had also been along for the pub crawl. According to Spencer, the group was headed to the penultimate stop on their pub crawl adventure when someone suddenly approached him from behind and asked if the cosplayer would like to “meet the real Gandalf.”

Spencer said he thought the stranger was joking at first until he turned around and took note of Ian McKellen’s presence. Needless to say, this marks one birthday celebration that Ben Coyles and his friends won’t soon forget.

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