Logan Paul’s nose piercing goes horribly wrong

by Virginia Glaze
Logan Paul, YouTube


YouTube star-turned-pro boxer Logan Paul decided to take his look to the next level with a trendy septum piercing — but it didn’t turn out the way he expected.

While Logan Paul has been known to change up his appearance in humorous and unexpected ways for vlogs in the past, his latest initiative involved some serious pain.

His most recent vlog, uploaded on April 6, showed the star undergoing a septum piercing, seemingly at the behest of his little brother Jake Paul, as evidenced by the video’s title “I hate Jake Paul.”

Logan Paul, Instagram
YouTuber Logan Paul gave himself an emo makeover with fake piercings in a previous vlog - but his latest look went for the real deal, instead.


As expected, the piercing made Paul tear up, something that’s bound to happen since one’s nose is connected to their sinuses — but that wasn’t the most “emotional” part of his piercing journey, by far.

After having the ring inserted, the YouTuber claimed that the piercing was so painful he needed to pull it out straight away.

“I have to take this out,” he admitted after taking a peek at his new look in a mirror. “It hurts too bad. “Yeah, right now. This hurts so f**king bad!”

Logan Paul, YouTube
Logan got a bit teary-eyed during his first-ever septum piercing, which he immediately tried to remove.


Unfortunately, Logan couldn’t “send it” successfully, and even pranked his audience by having little bro Jake appear to rip out the ring on the count of three.

Thankfully, neither of them tore out the ring by hand; instead, Logan relied on a trusty pair of bolt cutters to remove the ball bearing on one end of the ring, the sharp sound of which sent him into a mild shock.

With the bearing removed, Logan successfully took the ring out of his nose, breathing a hefty sigh of relief as he did so.

(Segment begins at 4:17 for mobile viewers)



“Bro, I look like you after your fight against Deji,” he joked, referencing Jake’s infamously bloody nose after his initial boxing match with YouTube rival Deji Olatunji in August 2018.

KSI vs Logan Paul, YouTube
Jake Paul famously sported a bloody nose throughout his boxing match with Deji - which he won after five rounds.

Pain aside, it seems that Paul’s short stint with a septum ring was short-lived — as was his emo makeover a few months prior in an attempt to recreate a viral meme that claimed to be him, from the past.

For now, it looks like Logan is done with nose piercings, at least for the foreseeable future.