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Logan Paul stunned after finding massive beehive on new property

Published: 15/Feb/2020 0:41

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Logan Paul purchased the historic Fobes Ranch in late 2019, which he has since used as a sort of vacation property — but he now faces an unexpected issue.

The Forbes Ranch is best known for its time as an LSD operation in the 1960s, run by the “Hippie Mafia” group and owned by late Harvard professor Timothy Leary.

Leary and his “Brotherhood of Eternal Love” produced a drug known as “Orange Sunshine” via a special machine on the Ranch, until their operation was eventually routed by law enforcement in 1972.

Pacific Sothesby's International Realty
Logan Paul purchased the famous Fobes Ranch for the humorous amount of $1,000,001 in 2019.

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Now a historical site, Paul purchased the property in 2019 for a humorous amount of $1,000,001, which the sellers ended up accepting due to his “funny” offer.


Since then, the YouTuber has teased a full tour of the land but had yet to do so until he discovered a full-blown beehive that had taken residence in an entire tree.

Logan Paul, YouTube
Logan Paul and crew discovered a full-blown beehive in a tree on his newly purchased Fobes Ranch property.

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Logan and a group of professionals picked the tree apart during a vlog on February 14, showing the bee colony in all its glory after deciding to remove the insects due to potential danger they pose on the Ranch’s residents.

“This is obviously semi-dangerous, especially because we have animals and people running around this ranch all the time,” the Maverick explained. “I think we might have to take the whole tree down, at which point there will probably be a huge honeycomb in there.”


Logan Paul, YouTube
Logan and his squad came up with their own method for harvesting the honey, which included a window screen and several containers of tupperware.

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Thankfully, the team was able to remove the colony without issue and harvest the honey, which Paul rigged on top of a clean window screen above a storage container that caught the nectar as it seeped down from the comb.

Despite their operation being the most “bullsh*t thing” Logan had ever “seen in his life,” the squad managed to harvest two and a half large jars of honey, which he admitted was actually pretty tasty.

Logan’s latest vlog comes as a breath of fresh air in wake of his viral boxing match against rival KSI, marking a new leaf for the content creator that fans are seemingly loving so far.