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Logan Paul simulates childbirth pain for International Women’s Day

Published: 6/Mar/2020 20:11

by Virginia Glaze


International Women’s Day is coming up on Sunday, March 8 — and YouTube star Logan Paul has an interesting way of honoring the holiday, which he shared in a chaotic vlog two days prior.

Logan Paul is known for the ridiculous hijinks he pulls during his videos, which have historically included such stunts as jumping into a canal in Rome and, more recently, piercing his nipple after losing a bet.

Now, the social media celebrity has taken his shenanigans to the next level by honoring International Women’s Day in one of the most ridiculous ways possible.

Logan Paul, Instagram
YouTube star Logan Paul has brought back his well-beloved vlogs – and now, they’re more insane than ever before.

Rather than sending his mother a nice card or buying coffee for his female assistant, Paul opted to experience the grueling pain of childbirth first-hand — or, rather, through a series of simulator shock pads.


Such labour simulators have become quite the buzz in the online world, simulating the pain and sensation of contractions (although experts claim that these devices do not fully replicate the real deal).

Logan Paul, YouTube
Logan Paul used labor simulation shock pads to experience the feeling of childbirth for himself – and he wasn’t prepared for how excruciating the ordeal would be.

“Ladies, we love you, we know you go through a lot,” Paul explained before enacting his plan. “So, we have this device here that is supposed to simulate contractions during labor. Now, I’ve never been pregnant, but I imagine it feels like this.”

The vlog then cut to footage of the YouTuber crying out in pain with the shock pads attached to his abdomen, surrounded by his group of friends jokingly supporting him through the experience and even giving him breathing advice.


“What the f**k?” Paul screamed in disbelief. “No way! There is no way! That is the most excruciating pain!”

(Segment begins at 2:25 for mobile readers)

Of course, “the Maverick” wasn’t the only one to test out the technology; he also pinned the pads on housemate and fellow content creator Evan “Dwarf Mamba” Eckenrode, who took the pain like a champ.

While this certainly isn’t the most conventional method of celebrating International Women’s Day, Paul definitely brought attention to the holiday in his own special way — and considering the fast-paced content of his new videos, there’s no telling what the internet star will pull off next.