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Logan Paul reveals why he wants to date Kendall Jenner

Published: 26/Sep/2019 22:32 Updated: 26/Sep/2019 22:38

by Virginia Glaze


Logan Paul is one of the biggest faces on YouTube, gearing up for his highly-anticipated boxing rematch with KSI and hosting his own podcast, ‘imPaulsive’ – but he’s not limiting himself to the YouTube, alone.

While Paul’s own ‘imPaulsive’ podcast has wrapped its 127th episode, the YouTuber is dipping his hands into the podcasts of other top personalities, including the likes of Jonathan Cheban.

Cheban, known for his appearances on such shows as Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Spin Crowd, has a podcast of his own, titled “The OMFG Podcast” – which saw a celebrity guest appearance from Paul, himself.

Foodgod, InstagramThe self-proclaimed “Food God” invited Logan Paul on his “OMFG Podcast” – where the internet star asked an unexpected question.

In keeping with the YouTuber’s big personality, he couldn’t help but use Cheban’s connections with the Kardashians to ask a pointed question about his chances with model Kendall Jenner, claiming that he wants a “high-profile relationship.”

“I just wanna ask – do I have a chance with Kendall?” Paul asked. “I’m not a full athlete, but I’m definitely a boxer.”

Kendall Jenner, InstagramPaul has his eyes set on Kendall Jenner – but celeb Jonathan Cheban doesn’t think he has a chance.

“Hmm… I don’t think so, and you know why?” Cheban replied. “I think you’re too out there, and Kendall is very low-key with the people she dates… If you did date Kendall, the next day you would skydive off the Empire State Building. That wouldn’t work for her.”

However, Cheban’s comments didn’t seem to dissuade the YouTuber, who retorted, “Maybe if I get her in a conversation, we’ll see what happens. …I’m just ready for the high-profile relationship.”

Logan Paul, InstagramLogan Paul has his eyes on Kendall Jenner – but his status as a white-collar boxer might not be enough for the top model.

Of course, Kendall Jenner wouldn’t be Paul’s only “high-profile” romance, if it ever ends up happening: the YouTube star likewise dated Agents of Shield actress Chloe Bennet in 2018, having met on the set of Valley Girl’s remake that same year.

The two later split in November, with Paul hinting that his right-hand man, Mike Majlak, was responsible for their breakup, later getting into a short-lived fling with YouTuber Corinna Kopf.

Logan Paul, InstagramBennet parted ways with Paul in fall 2018 – a breakup that she was relatively silent about.

For now, it looks like the eldest Paul brother is single – and will reportedly remain that way until his rematch with KSI has blown over, claiming that he’s “sworn off” women until the big day.


Baby Shark set to overtake Despacito as YouTube’s most viewed video

Published: 21/Oct/2020 21:33

by Virginia Glaze


As the net’s most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube boasts a significant amount of record-breaking releases — but one of its most-viewed videos could upend a major streak on the site that has lasted for quite some time.

Despacito — the music video for Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi’s viral song of the same name — has reigned as YouTube’s most-viewed video since 2017, becoming the first video to reach three billion views in August of that year.

Since then, it has stayed at the top of YouTube’s most-viewed videos list at seven billion views, having become somewhat of a meme and an all-around easy listening experience for speakers of any language.

However, it seems that Despacito’s reign as YouTube’s top-viewed upload could be coming to an end in the near future, as another viral sensation is quickly creeping up behind — and it goes by the name ‘Baby Shark.’

Although the Baby Shark song has been around since before YouTube was even created, it surprisingly surged to popularity in the past few years after being uploaded by South Korean YouTube channel ‘Pinkfong’ in 2016.

While the initial video for the song — also made by Pinkfong — was uploaded in 2015, the Baby Shark Dance has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon, with many parents around the globe becoming all-too familiar with the tune that drives kids wild.

Baby Shark Dance currently sits at 6.9 billion YouTube views, and could be set to reach or overtake Despacito at any moment — especially after YouTube star Mr Beast pointed it out on Twitter.

Baby Shark isn’t just breaking records on YouTube; the song also made it into the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019, breaking out at number 32 thanks to a 2013 change that took online viewership of songs into account.

Considering the song’s popularity among children, it doesn’t come as too big of a surprise that it might topple Despacito’s long-standing rule on YouTube, hearkening back to an earlier time when PewDiePie fought against T-Series to gain the most subscribers for a single channel on the platform.